Tree Trends

With these space-saving and inspiring Christmas tree alternatives, a petite home or room will never be an excuse again

Art Direction by Kevin Wong  Text & Styling by Jasmine Goh  Photography by Gerald Chia

Branch out

Image 1b

Sometimes, all you need to do is look to nature for the solution. A fallen branch can be painted (if you wish) and then decorated with ornaments to create a whimsical tabletop tree.

Featuring Painted baubles, S$13 each; White heart ornaments, S$6 each, both from Tangs

Paper Plan

Image 3a

An old magazine is all you need; preferably one with stapled binding instead of perfect binding. Pull the cover off and fold each page according to these steps:

1) Bring the upper right corner down across the page till it reaches the binding and press it down to form a triangle.

2) Repeat the step by bringing the diagonal edge of the paper towards the binding again and press it down.

3) Take the protruding triangular end at the bottom and fold it up so that it levels with the rest of the magazine.

Featuring Pine cones, S$18 (pack of 12), from Tangs. Tiny baubles in silver, S$9.90 (pack of 20); Wood grain table runner, S$19.90, both from Robinsons

Eclectic Edge


The myriad Christmas knick-knacks collected over the years can now be put to good use. Even greeting cards and clocks can be a part of the assortment.

Featuring Santa Claus ornament, S$9.90, from Tangs. Wooden letters ‘J’ and ‘Y’, S$5.95 each; Gingerbread man puzzle card, S$7.95; Girl with bow card, S$5.95; Christmas bunting, S$5.95; Owl Christmas card, S$3.50; Glass baubles, S$17.50 (box of 25), all from Typo

As published in SquareRooms December 12 issue. For the whole article, please refer to page 24 to 29.

SquareRooms December 2012 Issue

SquareRooms December 2012 Issue

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