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Moving in With Your Partner? Here's How You Can Blend Your Clashing Styles
You and your partner may be compatible, but what if your design styles aren't? Here are six ways to blend your clashing styles even if they are polar opposites.
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Try these Colour Blocking Ideas for a Bolder Home Design
Colour blocking is a great way to enliven a bland space by combining a variety of colours in one area. Here are five colour blocking ideas to get you inspired.
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Back to Black: How to Use Black Colour for a Sophisticated Home Design
From black feature walls to sleek ebony furniture, these six ideas will help you bring out your dark side and infuse black into your interior design.
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Renovating Your BTO? Read This First
Congratulations on being a new homeowner! Before kicking off those renovation plans, here are seven things you should take note of before diving into that home reno.
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How To Get Your New House Ready During The Circuit Breaker
Whether you're just starting your renovation or are ready to move, here's how you can your new house ready during the circuit breaker.
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Integrated Kitchen Appliances For Any Home
With integrated technology, the seamless design of Fisher & Paykel's kitchen appliances blends into the design of the room itself.
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5 Service Yard Ideas To Save Space
Laundry rooms are often neglected during renovations. Consider these space-saving ideas to bring your service yard out of the dark.
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4 Things To Consider Before Overlaying Your Floor
Replacing flooring can be a long and frustrating process. An easier alternative is to overlay your floor. Here are some things you should consider before taking the plunge.
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Everything You Need To Know About HDB Housing Grants
If you're a soon-to-be homeowner looking to buy an HDB flat, there is a number of housing grants for you, such as the Enhanced Housing Grant and the Family Grant.
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