A Statement Black-And-White Punggol EC To Get Inspired By


This sexy home of a stylish couple uses copious amounts of white, which is enhanced with black tones as accents. The result is a space that is flooded with natural light and artistic flair. To keep things cohesive and polished, the zones are mostly decked out with furnishings in varying monochromatic shades.

“We wanted a clean and bright space,” explains Jean Tan the homeowner of the swanky three-bedroom executive condominium. “Our last home had a darker theme, with grey and black walls. With this home, the black-and-white concept allows us to enlarge the space visually with natural light bouncing off the walls and white cabinets.”

The couple engaged the team at interior design firm Distinct Identity to help them realise their gorgeous space. Subtle designs elements can be spied throughout the 1,118-square foot apartment. A black archway serves as a subtle partition, dividing the living and dining areas without being obtrusive. It starts from the door, stretches across the length of the communal areas and extends across the ceiling. It’s a clever deception to elongate the breadth and width of the rooms. More lights have been hidden within the smart structure and is used to create a cosier ambience.

The homeowners’ love for geometric patterns are visible in their choice of furnishings – the volley of prints on their throw pillows, the wallpaper selection for their bedroom and even in the hexagonal tables that took the place of a coffee table.

“We were inspired by several design magazines,” Jean shares, “Plus, modern homes have done away with the traditional coffee tables in favour of smaller surfaces – it helps to maximise the floor space.”

Rows of cabinets in white glossy laminates were fitted throughout the house, keeping it clutter-free. Due to its iridescent sheen, the furnishings provide visual interest and magnifies the setting.

“The developer had provided us with one walk-in wardrobe, which my husband is using,” says Jean. “But I needed more storage space for my collection of clothes and accessories so we decided to introduce another walk-in wardrobe.”

Crafted from same material as the cabinets, the sleek wardrobe is paired with black track lighting, floor-length curtains and a plush rug to evoke a boutique vibe. Jean tailored the closet to include a mirror and vanity behind one of the doors.

Moving onwards to the bedroom, the conventional bed has been given a facelift – instead of sporting a bedframe, the bed has been constructed to include a miniature table that serves as a workstation for the inhabitants. “We take turns with the space. One of us will be working while the other relaxes on the bed,” Jean shares. “It’s purely a lifestyle need.”

Cool and edgy, this home is a medley of timeless hues and trendy fittings. The end product is a space that speaks volumes about the owners’ characters and personalities – bold, artistic and contemporary.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the September 2016 issue of SquareRooms.