SquareRooms Home Search 2017 First Runner Up: A 5-Room Apartment Of Modern And Eclectic Character


For new homeowners taking over a previously owned unit, trying to transform a space into one that truly reflects your individual style is no easy feat. But for Amos Lim and Sarah Soh, once they’ve decided on a Scandinavian-cum-industrial design theme, nothing was going to get in their way. “We wanted every corner in the house to have some type of character and practical function, but yet still look coherent when viewed at as one whole unit,” the couple explains.

While most of the house was renovated over, the couple loved the original marble flooring and left it untouched – they even went all out to search for matching marble tiles for the two bedrooms – which were laid over with coloured tiles previously – to maintain some visual consistency.

Meanwhile, thoughtful design elements can be found throughout the apartment. For example, original kitchen casement windows were replaced with sliding ones, giving space for the ceiling laundry system to be pulled down and extended out of the windows. Concurrently, even though the communal space is divided into a living area and a workstation, a half partition wall still keeps the floor plan fairly open and doesn’t make the space feel constricted despite its many furnishings and fittings.

But while the couple admitted that there were times when they were nervous and unsure about the design before construction began, they were left feeling very pleased when they saw that many of their ideas had come to fruition. “We were very satisfied with the renovation of our home and that was why we thought it was worth trying out for the SquareRooms Home Search 2017, and we were thrilled to find out that we won 1st Runner Up. It was really beyond our expectations,” the couple concludes.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the December 2017 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Madintent