SquareRooms Issue 181 Mid-Year 2020

MID-YEAR 2020 ISSUE 181 S$5.50/RM10 M I D - Y E A R S P E C I A L TOP BEDDING PICKS FOR GREAT SLEEP 2 0 2 0 Comfort A W A R D S Vacation at Home Hotel decor ideas for maximum relaxation Calming bedroom patterns • Home office ideas • Pretty indoor plants • Stylish multipurpose zones • Aromatherapy options • Classic decor styles • Heat-blocking window treatments • Modish vases Ultimate Makeover THE CHECKLIST 24 TimelessWays to Upgrade Your Dream Home 2020 VOL.12 INTERIORS IDEAS SOLUTIONS Get Creative Chic ways to combine your bedroom and bathroom for bigger spaces Bundled with idealhomes for the first time ever for more design inspo and value