Poetus – Poets Of Design


Poetus was established in early 2015, but in order to understand how it came to be, one has to go all the way back to when Jack Ng and Wein Goh, founders of this interior design firm, were still students at Singapore Polytechnic. The pair struck a friendship when they were both studying interior design at the school. Having collaborated on a couple of projects, they found that they had great chemistry and could work well together. They took different paths after graduation, but the chance to collaborate came again in 2014. Jack was moving back to Singapore, after a stint in New Zealand designing luxury yachts. He wanted to set up his own interior design firm here, but needed a partner to work with him. He remembered Wein, whom he kept in touch with all these years and who was then working as a designer with another interior design firm. They got together to discuss the details and very quickly, just like it was all meant to be, Poetus was established.

Poetus' unconventional and dramatic showroom

The Poetus showroom is just like the designs they do – creative and out of the ordinary. The space features plenty of quirky textures and details, including a ceiling feature made from diagonal strips of plywood.

The name means “poets are us”. When quizzed on what this means, Wein explains that poets in ancient Rome were the ones who changed the opinions and thereafter the lives of the people in society simply by reciting the poems they crafted in a public square. Just like the poets of ancient times, Jack and Wein aim to transform the lives of homeowners through their craft of colours, design, space and materials.

While the pair worked well together and were able to spur one another to come up with better ideas, they were in fact, polar opposites in terms of working styles. This was a good thing as it meant that they both brought different things to the table. Jack is a stickler for details, and particular about proportions and dimensions. His familiarity with the use of wood and metal has resulted in stunning, innovative design elements. Wein, on the other hand, is all about the bigger picture. He enters a project filled with all sorts of creative ideas. His keen knowledge of masonry works and his sensitivity towards materials have given the pair plenty of room to play around with different concepts and to create homes that have improved the lifestyles of their clients.

Poetus Scandinavian meets Industrial living room

Concrete-like surfaces add an edge to this Scandinavian-themed home, which is one of the more recent projects undertaken by Poetus.

The improvement of lifestyle is what Poetus strives for in every project that they do. Through house visits, conversations and close observations, Jack and Wein are able to provide design concepts that not only suit the needs of the occupants, but also enhance their overall living environment. Their design approach is all about being fresh and different. Not for the sake of it, but for the sake of changing the lives of their clients for the better.

This was adapted from Brand Story vol.1 2016


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