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In our line of work, we come across some really great products for the home. This is why we have decided to create the SquareRooms Awards to shine the spotlight on high-quality furnishings, home appliances and other household essentials. In the inaugural SquareRooms Awards: Kitchen Edition, we have decided to present you with the best cooking essentials. From smart ovens to multipurpose cookers, these tools and appliances are perfect for busy homeowners and frequent cooks alike.

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Kitchen Tools Every Domestic Goddess Should Have At Home
If you love entertaining at home, you would understand the need for efficient kitchen tools that will help you save some prep time so that you can enjoy basking in the company of your favourite people. As such, we have rounded up some handy kitchen essentials that will help expand
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Tools And Appliances That Will Help You Save Time In The Kitchen
Amidst bustling mornings and fast-paced living, the efficiency of an appliance becomes a key factor to consider as you fill up your kitchen space. Without cutting back on utility, we have sieved out kitchen appliances that will not just serve its function but contribute in making your life easier. Here are some handy
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Essential Big Kitchen Appliances Every New Homeowner Should Have
Every new homeowner probably feels a little overwhelmed when choosing big ticket kitchen equipment for their new digs. After all, the appliances are often expensive and need to last a long time. They should also be able to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Help is
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Cook In Style With This Local Kitchen Brand's Range Of Sophisticated And Innovative Kitchen Appliances
A premium kitchen appliances manufacturer that brings you a new cooking style with the latest technology and design, OBRO offers greater flexibility, convenience and ease in the kitchen. The Singaporean company was established in 2016 and is the first company to introduce the downdraft cooker hood to the market. Within
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Here Are The Winners Of The SquareRooms Awards: Kitchen Edition
As one of the most hardworking spaces in a home, the kitchen should be equipped with efficient appliances. From eco-friendly refrigerators to versatile hobs and multi-purpose cookers, we have found the best tools and appliances for busy home chefs. Read on to find out which products won in the inaugural
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