5 Co-Working Spaces That’ll Make You Feel Right At Home


With the rise of the gig economy, demand for temporal work spaces is greater than ever. But moving out of a home office into a co-working environment doesn’t mean you have to give up on homely comforts. Plush sofas, tasteful decor, and a conducive environment – these are just some things you can look forward to in these co-working spaces we’ve rounded up that’ll make you feel right at home. But first, lose the pyjamas.

The Great Room

Image credit: The Great Room

Drawing inspiration from luxury hotels and premium business clubs, The Great Room combines an office’s functionality with grandeur from these hospitality services. Work in style as you rest on chic leather chairs, send emails on smooth timbre desks, and attend meetings while sitting on plush leather sofas. The warm palettes and rich furnishings will have you in the right mental space to take on your business challenges.


Image credit: Trehaus

Everyday can be Take Your Kids To Work Day. Trehaus provides child-caring facilities alongside a vibrant co-working space, allowing you to have a peace of mind as you take on your daily work tasks. Specially-catered kids enrichment programs, segmented play and work area, and a soft milky pastel palette – they all help you to juggle the challenge of chasing your career goals, as well as being a full-time parent.

The Refinery

Image credit: The Refinery

The scales of work-life balance gets a little easier to manage over at The Refinery. Go hard at work at their minimalist creative space, and refuel at their restaurant located just a flight of stairs down. Part co-working space, part grill-bar, you’ll get none of the generic office pantry offerings. Creative makers and craftsmen will feel inspired in this brightly illuminated work space, and mingle with like-minded individuals after work over some cocktails and moorish bites.

The Co.

Image credit: The Co.

Indulge in The Co. and all of their award-winning co-working space, located right in the heart of town. And we aren’t just talking about a humble area – The Co. spans across some eight levels worth of carefully designed workplace and breakout spaces to facilitate collaboration. Clean aesthetics and sleek monochromatic furnishing help exude an impressive, professional vibe that’s unlike any office.

The Working Capitol

Image credit: The Working Capitol

Careful now – you might be reluctant to leave work when you’ve got a stunning space like The Working Capitol. Inspiration won’t be lacking as you work in one of the five historic shophouses, located along Keong Siak Road. With plenty of natural light (goodbye harsh florescent lightings), a stylishly furnished space, and attached restaurants for hosting events, being productive has never been easier. Add to that a beer garden, shower facilities, and a relaxing lounge area – going to work doesn’t sound so bad after all.