Art And Colour Define This Chic Bachelor Pad


Characterised by a carefully curated collection of unobtrusive furnishings and soothing shades of grey, the appeal of this double-storey resale apartment located in Mountbatten lies clearly in its efficient design. Thought up by Ambika Chowdhry from local interior design firm DISTINCTidENTITY, this bachelor pad follows the design principles of a modern-luxe theme, which is underscored by plenty of grey tones throughout.

But before this charming abode came to be, some layout configurations were needed. For example, the original layout had the foyer, living and dining areas situated within the area immediately after the main entrance. However, this configuration made the communal zones feel cramped. Seeing as there was a spare second bedroom on the ground floor, the designer decided to convert the unused space into a living room instead.

In addition to the shared living spaces, another major change Ambika did to the home was to shrink the L-shaped kitchen by removing a section of the cabinetry that curved around the wall, as well as relocate the fridge. By doing so, the expanded floor area is now comfortably split between the foyer and dining areas. Despite this, the two zones are demarcated by different flooring materials, where black-and-white patterned tiles line the foyer, and wood vinyl flooring line the area beyond.

Over in the dining area, a series of mirrored panels help make the eating zone look and feel bigger with its reflective qualities. Next to it, a floor-to-ceiling grey-laminated wall comes into view. Although it may look like a feature wall at first glance, it actually conceals the entrance to the unit’s bomb shelter, which gives the traditionally bulky and boxy structure some visual interest.

The newly carved out living area exudes a laid back and casual vibe, creating a perfect setting for both the owner’s daily activities and for entertaining when needed. In addition to this, a sense of spaciousness and airiness fill the space, which is attributed to the absence of storage cabinets on the walls. Instead, these vertical surfaces were painted over in dual tones of grey. Not only do these colours imbue cosiness into the space, but they also create an ambience that mimics an art gallery, effectively allowing the owner’s collection of colourful artworks to stand out against the muted backdrop.

Within the living room, a bay window also catches the eye. Not wanting the area to go to waste, Ambika fitted it with a wood-accented countertop and complemented it with a pair of cushy upholstered bar stools. This way, the nook is now capable of serving dual functions – the first as a dedicated study area whenever the owner has work obligations to tackle; and the second as a cosy hangout spot when he has friends over to the apartment.

Separated by a series of glass partitions, the kitchen comes into view. The owner rarely cooks, however, the utilitarian zone is still a highly functional space thanks to its KompacPlus countertop and backsplash, whose rich, deep hue is further enhanced by the grey-laminated cabinetry. On closer inspection, it is also discernible that the cabinets do not have knobs or handles on them. “As the walkway to the living room is already quite narrow, having these protruding handles might further obstruct the way, so we decided to do away with these fittings. Additionally, the absence of the handles also helps create and maintain a streamlined and clean look within the space,” Ambika adds.

Moving on, the stairway leads into the minimally-designed master bedroom. Against the existing parquet flooring that was retained, the walls were painted in the same grey hue as the living room, effectively maintaining visual and design consistency throughout the home. The ceiling was left in a plain white as cladding all surfaces in the same grey shade would have made the room too overpowering on the eyes. Meanwhile, the designer veered away from putting up any built-in cabinetry in the bedroom for a neater profile, as having too much of these fixtures can make the room look bulky. Instead, the bay window nook next to the bed was converted into a little storage spot for the occupant’s books and personal trinkets.

Further into the sleeping zone, a series of wood-laminated wardrobe units keep the owner’s clothes and accessories neat and tidy. Occupying the full length and height of the wall, the fixture also encompasses doorless shelves that allow his impressive bag, shoe and cap collection to stand out.

Rounding off the amenities within the private living chambers is the master en suite, where plenty of copper-brown tones transform the utilitarian zone into a classy and elegant space. While there were no layout changes necessary, there was a weird angle within the wet shower – a result of the water pipes that were concealed behind the wall – that had to be worked around. As such, a tiled ledge was installed to fully maximise the dead space. Other thoughtful fixtures within the en suite include a circular LED-backlit mirror that offers the perfect lighting for getting all made up, as well as grey-laminated cabinets that store all necessary bathroom essentials.

It’s clear that sleek aesthetics and practicality are very much at the core of this bachelor pad, and it is all in thanks to the designer’s ability to seamlessly integrate the homeowner’s creature comforts with better liveability.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the May 2019. Photo credits: DISTINCTidENTITY