Feast Your Eyes On This Stunning Bungalow That Oozes Mid-Century Style Glamour


When the male homeowner purchased this impressive two-and-a-half home as a birthday gift for his wife, he had planned for it to be their retirement home. However, seeing as the pre-existing interior design was outdated, they commissioned design director Elden Lim and his firm Minimo & Minimology to help with the updating of the design into something with a more contemporary look.

As the owners love to entertain and host dinner parties often, it was imperative for their home to have a space that is easily adaptable to both intimate and big gatherings. With the decision to then dedicate the entire lower floor of the unit to eating and lounging – where the kitchen, dining and living areas would all flow into one another seamlessly – all the non-essential walls were torn down to create a fully open-concept space.

Entering the home, the sharp contrast of black and white is immediately noticed, where the white homogeneous stone-effect floor tiles from Hafary are paired against two strikingly elegant slabs of marble and other black-accented fixtures and furnishings. This crisp contrast is also repeated throughout the space, which offers up visual consistency as one moves through the home. Meanwhile, large windows dotted throughout the home flood the space with daylight.

For their entertainment needs, the owners look towards a full-height media wall situated in front of the living area’s seating arrangements. However, the placement of this fixture, unfortunately, cut across the structural column in the space. “As such, we decided to balance out the visual aesthetic by adding another column next to it, resulting in a now clean and cohesive look,” Elden explains. Design-wise: the media wall comprises a stunning white marble slab that is then flanked by two large sections of padded cushions that conceal storage units beneath. Then, for extra practicality, a suspended metal shelving was added below the television set, which offers a landing spot for the owners’ books and other personal trinkets.

Over in the kitchen, despite being kept in a free-flowing layout most of the time, there is actually a hidden sliding door installed along the entrance. By doing so, this allows for the utilitarian zone to be enclosed whenever heavy cooking is taking place to prevent any unpleasant fumes from carrying into other parts of the home. Inside, the kitchen features plenty of durable materials and smart design solutions that allow it to easily keep up with its regular usage. This can be seen from the real black marble countertops and the abundance of grey-laminated built-in fixtures that store essential cooking and dining apparatuses. Additionally, the custom-made island unit in the middle of the space offers more storage solutions while also providing extra worktop space for food prep. On closer inspection, it is also quickly observed that there are no door handles mounted on the cabinets, where items on the inside are accessed through recessed hand grooves instead. “This helps give the kitchen a clean and streamlined look,” Elden says.

Between the living and kitchen spaces, the dining room comes into view. Although most of the fixtures and furnishings in this space are finished in a monochromatic colour palette, the dining chairs stand out with its emerald green upholstery. Not only does this eye-catching hue add some colour into the eating zone without being too overpowering on the eyes, but it also further enhances the luxury element in the space. As a way to maximise the previously unused space, a section of the wall behind the dining set was converted into a dry pantry which the owners can use to prepare and serve beverages from during entertaining sessions.

To gift the owners an additional space for entertaining, the patio was converted into an alfresco dining area. In addition to the grey homogeneous floor tiles that have been laid out in a staggered pattern, the furnishings are backed by a series of black tinted glass panels. Using mild steel frames as the border for the glass panels, the result is a slim and sleek look.

At the end of the long five-month renovation process, it can be said without a doubt that it was through Elden and the entire Minimo & Minimology team’s thoughtful design and strict attention to detail that allowed them to create a cosy yet elegant space which perfectly suited the homeowners’ daily lifestyle to a T.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the June 2019 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Minimo & Minimology 

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