SquareRooms August 2020

Uniquely Yours Stylish ideas to personalise your HDB flat


For our Singapore’s birthday month, dive into the world of local craftsmanship with our list of homegrown businesses to check out spanning fragrance and furniture makers to cafes. Since an estimated 80% of locals live in HDB flats, we’re also sharing top tips to jazz up the standard interiors of these units. Excited about HDB’s relaxed guidelines for having a bigger dog? Don’t miss our feature on prepping your home for a larger pet.

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Key to Your Home

Key to Your Home is an essential renovation guide for first-time homeowners. It takes them through revamps with comprehensive solutions on all areas of the home. Also included is shopping and selection advice on home must-haves like furnishings, bedding, sanitary wares, electrical appliances and lots more.


Targeted at style-conscious homeowners, IdealHomes shows readers how to create good-looking spaces. It has a strong emphasis on good design, smart space planning and of course, décor ideas. We showcase furniture, material and colour trends of the year so discerning readers know what’s hot and what’s not.