3 Reasons Why A Latex Mattress Can Give You A Good Night’s Sleep


Aside from eating well and staying active, getting sufficient sleep is the key to good health. This is the time when your body and mind get to recuperate and recharge. In fact, research has shown that lack of sleep contributes to health problems ranging from Type 2 diabetes and heart disease to stroke.

Getting a good-quality mattress can contribute to better sleep. After all, you spend up to 8 hours a day sleeping on a mattress, so choosing one that helps facilitate your nightly shuteye is important.

There are many types of mattresses that purport to offer optimum comfort. But one type of mattress trumps above the rest – organic latex. Here are 3 reasons why a latex mattress can provide you with your best sleep yet.

  1. Hygienic and allergen-free
    Made from the sap of the rubber tree, organic latex is a naturally derived substance sourced from plantations that do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In addition to that, latex mattresses have the benefit of being dust mite, mildew and mould resistant, as these organisms are unable to thrive in natural rubber. The material is also allergen-free. This makes latex mattresses a healthy option for people living in warm and humid climates.SquareRooms-European-Bedding-latex-mattress
  2. Provides just the right comfort and support
    As your body has natural curvatures, it is important that a mattress conforms to your body to offer support where needed. Keeping the spine aligned is especially important to prevent chronic aches and pains. The supportive nature of latex mattresses also provides proper support to allow for even distribution of body weight while you sleep, all while relieving pressure and enabling proper blood circulation.SquareRooms-European-Bedding-latex-mattress-for-spine-support
  3. Offers excellent air circulation
    Thanks to its open-cell structure, natural latex is able to facilitate good airflow while you sleep. Proper airflow translates to a more comfortable night’s sleep. In addition, perspiration does not linger on a latex mattress, making it a super hygienic option.SquareRooms-European-Bedding-latex-mattress-air-circulation

Organic latex mattresses from European Bedding
Believing that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and that each individual has his or her preferences for the right comfort and support, European Bedding offers a range of organic latex mattresses that can be customised to your preferred firmness. They also offer a 100-day free trial, should customers feel that the mattress purchased is too firm or too soft. All European Bedding organic latex mattresses come with removable covers so that they can be easily cleaned, allowing you to sleep in a fresh and hygienic environment night after night.

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