4 Smart Gadgets For A More Efficient Home


Ours is a smart city, filled with emerging technologies that aim to streamline our everyday lives. We chase the latest Apple product, get excited over the latest operating system. And now, household gadgets are also moving along with the times. Here are some high-tech gizmos you can consider to make your new home a futuristic one.

1. Digital door viewer

Image credit: Yale

Leave your house with a peace of mind. With a digital door viewer, see who comes knocking at your door no matter where you are. Even when you’re at work or on a holiday, this Look Door Viewer from Yale comes equipped with a camera and microphone speaker, so you communicate with your visitor anytime, anywhere. You’ll never miss another ASOS delivery now.

2. Wireless charging


Image credit: IKEA

Frayed and entangled phone cables could soon be a thing of the past. Wireless charging will keep your phone’s juice pack filled with ease. And they blend easily with your house’s existing furnishing. Hide them on your tabletop, or place them at the base of your side lamp – IKEA’s wireless charging series will change the way you charge.

3. Automated laundry system

Image credit: Steigen

With a climate as unpredictable as ours, a simple act of drying your laundry can become a rather complicated matter. You no longer have to coincide laundry day with the sun’s schedule. Steigen’s range of automated laundry system integrates heavy-duty laundry poles with solar drying technology, so you can enjoy dry clothes no matter the weather.

4. Biometric door locks

Image credit: GadgetFlow

Image credit: GadgetFlow

Wear your house keys on your fingertips. Biometric door locks allow you to get in your house with a simple tap of your fingers, which means you’ll never have to worry about misplacing those clunky keys. Samsung’s SMART door locks also come with passcode access, making it easier for you to share it with the ones you trust.