5 Tips On Keeping Outdoor Furniture In Good Condition


Having an occasional alfresco gathering at your front porch, or a backyard barbecue party is a luxury to have while experiencing nature. However, maintaining outdoor furniture can be a challenge, especially in Singapore’s erratic climate between torrential rain and relentless heat. Ahead, we suggest the best ways to keep your outdoor furniture in tip-top shape.

  1. Cover it up
    The most obvious (and easiest) way of protecting your furniture from rain or shine to wear and tear, is by overlaying them with a sheet of canvas when not in use. Invest in a large waterproof cover to shield your exterior decor from the elements, and additionally, protect their colour from fading overtime!
  2. Be quick
    When you’re having guests over for a gathering, drinks and food are bound to stain your outdoor furniture by accident. Counter these predicaments by acting on them fast, instead of procrastinating the clean up. Reasons for this are simple – neglecting stains allows them to gradually sink into a permanent mark, which is why quickly scrubbing with a damp cloth alongside fabric cleaner or detergent will do the trick.
  3. Don’t neglect a regular clean
    Avoid the mistake of only cleaning your outdoor furniture after usage. Keeping them in good working condition requires regular care and upkeep. Make it a habit to pat down cushions to get rid of dust, wipe down surfaces weekly to keep their shine, or use a lint remover to ensure seats are hair- and pet fur-free.
  4. Apply the right maintenance
    If you have metal furnishings placed outdoors, be mindful to check for inevitable rust that forms on surfaces and scrape them off before they spread further. If your metallic surfaces are looking worn out, why not consider sprucing them up at an affordable cost by simply adding a layer of paint too? For wood materials such as teak, applying teak oil helps to treat strains and restore their original colour as well.
  5. Rid the pests
    Mother Nature isn’t the only factor to worry about when dealing with outdoor furniture. Unwanted pests such as cockroaches, termites or lizards could run rampant, damaging your property and leaving stains without you even being aware. Bust them away by ensuring your furniture are not placed in a moist, dark area for them to breed. At the same time, place repellents at hidden corners and apply oil treatments for termite infestations.