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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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5 Reasons To Choose A Leather Sofa For Your Home
Shopping for furnishings to adorn your home proposes many considerations – and when it comes to the sofa, the possibilities are endless. After all, it is an important part of the living room – this is where we find comfort after a long day, be it to relax while watching television, read a book,
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How To Use Lighting And Colour To Create A Cosy Ambience At Home
Just like colour, lighting can create a certain mood within a space. And when combined with colour, lighting can enhance, complement or even offset the intensity, brightness and overall attractiveness of a paint scheme. Here are some tips from interior paint brand Dulux on pairing coloured paints with lighting. Know
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7 Essential House-Hunting Tips For First Time Buyers
You're finally ready to move into a place of your own, but where do you begin? With an overwhelming number of decisions to make and factors to consider, we clue you in on what you should take note of as a first-time home buyer. Weigh out options Finding the perfect home is
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Ideal Locations To Get A Home In Singapore
Yes, Singapore might be our beloved little red dot with familiar sightings at every turn, but selecting one location to live in that fulfils all your specific needs can still prove a challenge. To make things easier, here's some suggested neighbourhoods for your consideration, based on different areas of interest. For nature lovers: East Coast, Marine
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The 3 Ways You Can Buy A Flat From The HDB
Did you know that there 3 different ways to purchase your home from the HDB? While most of us choose to go the conventional route by purchasing a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat, there are 2 other ways to you can buy a flat directly from the Housing Board. Let’s discuss the
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7 Housekeeping Rules To Follow For A Clean And Welcoming Home
Your home is where you should feel comfortable and relaxed so keeping it clean and tidy should be a top priority. But let’s face it cleaning the house is probably one of your least favourite things to do. So how do you motivate yourself to keep up with your household
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A Basic Guide To Room Fragrances
The lemongrass scent in a resort, the light vanilla smell diffusing through the vents of a 5-star hotel – fragrances add depth to a space and creates a different ambience in each room. Your sense of smell is also a psychological and emotional trigger that can enhance your productivity or improve sleeping patterns. We
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How To Pick Out The Right Bed Frame
The bed is the center piece of every bed room. As it's supposed to last years and can be quite expansive, it's important to pick the right one that suits both your style and comfort. A textile bed frame can give you more flexibility in design with the myriad of patterns
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Curtains Or Blinds: Which Window Covering Is Better?
Curtains and blinds are useful for giving a room much-needed privacy, but making a choice between the two can sometimes be tricky. Here’s what you need to know about these window treatments. First, consider the basics As with any fitting, it is always important to consider the basics, or more
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