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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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5 Connected Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Your Everyday Chores Easier
Recently, we've seen a number of smart kitchen gadgets being launched in the market. Here are 5 we think would contribute greatly to the productivity levels of our cooking zone. GenieCan If you’re one of those people who hem and haw at the grocery aisle, the GenieCan is a handy
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A 5-Step Guide To Transforming Your Humble Abode Into A Smart Home
The idea behind home automation has grown rapidly in the past few years, demonstrating a series of positive effects such as increased accessibility, improved safety standards, efficient use of energy and effective cost management. Here are five simple steps to transform your once-ordinary home into one that is intelligent. Buy
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Simple Hacks To Make A Small Room Appear Larger
While a small area may seem limiting, it does not necessarily mean that the room has to look cramped and dull. Here are some simple and hassle-free tips and tricks to help you maximise your space while not compromising on style. Light and neutral When painting and furnishing, follow a
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Things To Think About Before Converting Your Home To A Smart Home
It's inevitable that the home of the near future would be a connected one. But before you take the plunge today, here are some things to think about before outfitting your home in smart tech. Pros You can make your home comfortable even before you step inside. We’re talking about
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4 Ways To Avoid Costly Mistakes Often Made By First-Time Home Buyers
Surfing Pinterest for inspiration or browsing through stacks of interior decor magazines can be really fun when you’re thinking of getting your home first. It’s easy to visualise your dream home, but to afford it is an entirely different matter. For many, owning their own house is a life-changing event.
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4 Simple Tips On Maintaining Your Leather Sofa
Don't mistake leather sofas as a hassle to clean. In fact, they actually have qualities that edge out other materials when it comes to seating for your home. For an ease of mind to leather maintenance, consider the following tips that will make cleaning a breeze. Stick to a routine Just as how
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A Checklist For Getting Your Home Ready For The New Year
With 2018 upon us, there's no better time to get your home ready for the New Year with these four simple steps. De-clutter It's hard to clean when you have stuff all over the place. Take some time to rid your countertops and shelves of items that have spoilt, expired, or which
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Singles Tell Us 6 Tips They Learnt As First Time Homeowners
It’s a rite of passage to think about or at least dream of owning your own property, especially when you’re single and reaching 35 – the age when you will be able to purchase a HDB flat under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme. Let's hear straight from the horse’s mouth
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5 Quick And Easy Post-Christmas Cleaning Hacks To Get Your Home In Order
Now that the big Christmas party is over and the new year is fast approaching, you’re probably thinking a thorough dusting of your home is in order. All the more to start the year afresh. Here are some easy tricks to get your abode spick and span in no time
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