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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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Impress Your Guests With These Wallet-Friendly DIY Coasters
Why buy when you can make one of these great-looking coasters yourself? All you need is some time and a few easy-to-procure materials. What's more, they make great gifts! Give used wine stoppers a new life Upcycle used wine stoppers with this rather ingenious idea: glue eight pieces of wine corks
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Easy DIY Wall Murals For Untalented Creatives
Have you always wanted to dress your walls for cheap but could never trust your hands to produce something you would be satisfied with? Even with the long list creative ideas, have you never been able to translate it into physical art because you lack the skill or are simply
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DIY Ideas To Put Your Hand Calligraphy To Good Use
Penmanship is a largely underrated art form which deserves to shine beyond the constraints of the paper. Every stroke – a carefully thought out one – results in a deeply personalised and unique creation. From romantic cursive fonts to quirky script fonts, here are some ways you can bring that penmanship
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These Simple DIY Decor Will Make You Want To Dress Up Your Bare Walls
Why leave your walls bare when you can dress them up with these ingenious DIY crafts? Statement clock This eye-catching mountain-inspired clock that is sure to add some playfulness to your space. To make, draw out the shapes of mountains on two separate pieces of balsa wood, which can be
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Cool DIY Decor Ideas For Your Home Office
Get those creative juices flowing with these pretty DIY accessories for your home office. Framed leaf They say that looking at the colour green is good for the eyes so here’s an innovative way to introduce more greens into your workspace: a framed palm leaf! Make a plain weave from
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Keep Things Organised With These Easy DIY Projects
Keep your small spaces tidy with these 5 super easy yet stylish DIY accessories. Geometric notice boards Sure, a conventional notice board gets the job done but why not up the style factor in your home study with these nifty geometric corkboards that double up as a design feature? To make, simply
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Effortless DIY Decor To Elevate The Luxe Factor In Your Bathroom
Transform your bathing space into a spa-like haven where you can escape it all with these stylish yet super easy DIY projects. Sleek and sexy bathroom storage  Do away with those sterile bathroom rods and install this striking graphic towel hanger instead. To make, simply cut copper pipes into equal
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Easy DIY Ideas To Spice Up Your Festive Feast
Christmas is just around the corner and if you're throwing a merry feast over the weekend, here are some easy DIY ideas to spice up your party! [caption id="attachment_5876" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Featuring IKEA METOD kitchen range, SOCKERART vase, $22.90, RORT spoon, $1.90, VARDAGEN – Find It! Part 2 book, $29.90,
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Easy DIY Projects For Green Thumbs
Bring some greenery into your interiors with these easy DIY projects. Hanging planter and canvas bag planter  Love the copper pipe trend? Why not use it to house some of your air plants? Purchase PVC pipe joints from the hardware store, coat them in your desired shade and attach ropes
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