A Guide To Choosing The Best Kitchen Faucet For Your Home


Kitchens are the hub of any home, and naturally, the faucet is the most used appliance in this space. When considering its purchase, it is important to not only keep in mind its compatibility with the design of the kitchen, it must also be unequivocally functional as well. Good taps should also enhance the work area and be effortless to use, even with greasy or wet hands. Read on for our essential guide to ensure that the faucet you’re paying for is the right one for your home.


What type of handle do I need?
The most common options for kitchen faucet handles are the single-handle taps and the two-handle taps. Single-handled taps enables you to control the water flow and temperature with one hand, and the levers are mounted either on the top of at the side of the spout. These taps often have a sleek and contemporary look and is a good choice when space around the sink is limited. Two-handled taps basically work the same as its single counterpart, but they feature individual handles that control the hot and cold water supplies separately.

How high an arc should I get?
The arc of the spout of your chosen kitchen faucet can really make or break your kitchen. Too high and you may be blocking potential view, too low and you won’t be able to fill and clean those deep pots. As such, consider what you use the kitchen for. If you’re and avid cook and find yourself using large pots often, then you should choose a faucet with a high arc. But if you only use your kitchen sink for simple washing, then a faucet with a low arc will be sufficient.

What finish is best for me?
Available in a variety of finishes, you’ll need to consider what will match your kitchen decor and usage requirements when making your own selection. A chrome or polished steel effect finish is the most popular choice as it is traditional, timeless and exudes a classic look that complements most modern decors.Brushed metallics are another trendy option, where it has a slightly softer effect than the gleaming polish of chrome, and also conceals water marks better than its counterparts. Stainless steel is best for kitchens that are exposed to the outdoors as it is able to withstand the weather and is also known for its anti-bacterial qualities.

What design do I prefer?
Once you’ve narrowed down your preferred choice of tap type, the next step is choosing the design. Do you want the faucet to be a piece of art that stands out in the space, or a subtle minimalist piece that blends in with the rest of your kitchen decor? If you have an industrial-themed apartment, you may even want to consider a steel spring mixer to match the design. Whichever design you end up picking, just make sure that they are capable to cater to what your requirements for the kitchen are.


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