Get These Aesthetic Housewarming Gifts Below $20


Moving into a new home is an equally exciting and stressful endeavour. With so much to do and so little time, your loved ones will likely forget to buy a thing or two for their new place. If you want to give them a hand and make their home feel personal and inviting from the start, these housewarming gifts will do the trick.

Harisson Cotton Bud Container
$19.90 from Hooga
Keep cotton buds neat and tidy with this elegant container from Hooga’s Harisson series. If you’re looking for a matching gift set, the series also stocks a toilet brush and holder, a soap dish, and a tissue box.


Hej Minimalist Waste Paper Basket
$16.90 from Kiyolo
It doesn’t happen every day that bins and waste baskets make a nice addition to the room. Kiyolo’s waste paper baskets, however, are a great alternative to the unsightly bins that are usually hidden away in the home.


Haru 4-Piece Side Plate Set
$19 from Castlery
This set of luxurious plates is currently on sale for clearance, and makes for a real bargain. The plates are made of beautiful, black stone with a glazed finish, and are microwave safe.


Fredrik Tealight & Candle Lantern
$14.90 from Hooga
This hanging tealight and candle lantern is bound to make any home stand out with its rustic aesthetic.


Kiana III Hexagon Storage Holder
$13.90 from FortyTwo
This stone and resin vase from FortyTwo is both cute and elegant. It doubles up as a storage container for makeup brushes, and adds an unobtrusive pop of colour to dull surroundings.


Brillare LED String Lights
$12 from Kiyolo
If you’ve been looking for fairy lights, these beauties from Kiyolo are the perfect shape and size to adorn spaces both indoors and outdoors. The warm hue of the light makes for an extra cosy atmosphere.


Automatic Soap Dispenser
$13.39 from Lazada
With concerns about germs and hygiene becoming more prominent, new homeowners will appreciate a touch-free soap dispenser for their abode. This nifty device will keep everyone’s hands extra sanitised, and its sleek look will give any bathroom a sophisticated, modern touch.


Deryk Coasters
$7.90 from Hooga
Coasters can make or break your dining set. These farmhouse style coasters will add some rustic charm to the table and create an instantly homely atmosphere.


Profumo Aroma Diffuser
$16.90 from Mason
This aroma diffuser is the perfect gift for essential oil lovers, and will help your loved ones relax in their new home. It usually retails for $89.90, so get it while it’s on sale!


Tropical Cushion
$17.90 from HipVan
Cushions are both aesthetic and practical, making them ideal gifts. This cushion comes with a tropical leaf design that will especially draw the eye in a more minimalistic home.