Easy Dip-Dyed Home Decor Projects To Do This Weekend


Cushion cover 

Why purchase a ready-made dip-dyed cushion cover when creating your own is this easy? Fill a plastic tray with water and stir in some fabric dye. You can dip a piece of scrap fabric into the dye bath to test the intensity of the colour first. Holding the cushion cover as straight as possible, dip into the dye solution and hold it there for a few seconds. Repeat this step until you achieve your desired shade. Rinse the coloured portion of the cover in cold water until the water runs clear and leave to dry.

DIY dip dye blue cushion

Featuring HK Living rattan chair, $389, lab lamp, $159, bottle vase, $49, and black-and-white silk rug, $410, and Madam Stoltz black bottle vase, $79, all from Make Room.

Coiled coaster 

This cheerful coaster adds a playful touch to your dining table. All you need is some thick rope (we used upholstery cording from Spotlight), acrylic paint, small paper cups, scissors and a glue gun. Dye parts of the rope in three alternating colours to form a colour blocking effect. Once the rope is completely dyed, leave to dry. Apply some hot glue to the cord and start coiling it and pressing it firmly together. Once you have achieved the desired size, cut the excess rope and tuck the ends to the bottom of the coaster.

DIY dip dye coiled coaster

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Mini planters 

These dip-dyed mini planters add just the right amount of cheer to your workspace or living zones. To make: fill up a bowl halfway with water and pour in some fabric dye in your favourite hue. Dip your ceramic pot halfway, hold for 5 seconds then remove from water. Dip the pot again, lower then the first line and hold for 10 seconds and remove. Dip the pot for the third time and hold until you the desired darker shade. Leave to dry and add your succulents ­– it’s that easy!

DIY dip dye planters

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Fabric placemats 

These dip-dyed placemats add just that touch of handmade flair to your everyday meals. Dilute some fabric dye into a tray of water and stir to combine. Lower fabric placemat into the dye bath and hold it there for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove fabric and leave to dry. Repeat the steps with another colour on the other side. Rinse the placemat in cold water and then wash with detergent in warm water to let the dye set.

DIY dip dye placemat

Featuring Madam Stoltz wire tea light, $39 from Make Room.