Elevate Your Kitchen Experiences With Smeg’s Range Of Stylish Yet Efficient Appliances


In this hectic modern age, we want our kitchens to look good and work efficiently at the same time. Here’s how Smeg’s range of kitchen appliances can make a positive impact on your day, from breakfast to dinner.

Start the day right

Drip filter coffee machine

Wake up to freshly prepared coffee with the Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine. Its ‘Auto Start’ function ensures that perfectly brewed coffee will greet you every morning, while its ‘Keep Warm’ function promises the perfect temperature. You can even tweak the intensity of the coffee brew, in case you need a stronger caffeine fix.


Espresso coffee machine

Need an extra boost? Jolt your mornings with professionally prepared Italian-styled coffee made in the comforts of your home. The Smeg espresso coffee machine makes the perfect cuppa while giving you the flexibility of using either ground coffee or paper pods. There’s even a in-built Cappuccino System that blends steam, air and milk to create thick, creamy foam for the perfect cup of cappuccino.



Tea-lovers will set their eyes on the 1.7-litre Smeg kettle. It’s equipped with auto shut-off for peace of mind, and a stainless steel limescale filter for ease of maintenance. The kettle has seven temperature selectors that allow you to boil the water to your preferred temperature — especially useful for getting the best flavour when steeping tea.



Whether you’re toasting bread or bagels, the Smeg toaster is a worthwhile addition to your breakfast routine. It comes with extra-wide slots – perfect for toasting thick bagel slices – and six browning levels for that perfect crunch.


Mid-day health kick


Whether you’re crushing ice, making smoothies or pulsing beans, the Smeg blender is a handy yet powerful appliance to add to your kitchen arsenal. The 1.5-litre jug also comes with an optional bottle-to-go accessory that allows you to make a healthy smoothie, screw on a cap and bring it out with you.


Citrus juicer

Why pay for expensive fruit juices when you can easily make your own at home. The Smeg citrus juicer has a powerful 70-watt motor with an integrated on/off sensor. The juice collector and non-drip spout prevent messy spills, while the anti-corrosive reamer and strainer ensure complete squeezing from both small and large citrus fruits.


Slow juicer

Healthy juicing has never looked so good. The Smeg slow juicer sports an eye-catching ‘50s aesthetics without compromising its modern functionality. Using its unique cold-extraction technology, the slow juicer produces yummy juices that retain its natural taste, nutrients and colour.


Indulge in dinner

Pizza oven

Practical and easy to use, the Smeg pizza oven features a number of settings and cook programmes that will simplify your culinary adventures. It comes with a pizza stone that heats up to 300 degrees and can cook the pizza in up to five minutes! You’ll also get a handy pizza shovel that will make you feel like a pro.


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