Keep Your Kitchen Well Ventilated With This Powerful Cooker Hood


The open concept kitchen is becoming more and more popular these days thanks to its tendency to make a small home appear larger than it is. Not only that, with an open kitchen, you can easily free up space to install island countertops that double up as a dining table. This modification not only creates more storage and prep space for the frequent home chef, it also forms a statement piece to anchor your utilitarian zone.

Aesthetically pleasing as it is, the open kitchen comes with some disadvantages. As it can be seen from the communal zone, keeping it orderly is key to maintaining a show off-worthy space. Another disadvantage of the open concept kitchen is that grease, oil and the smell of food can easily filter to the rest of the home easily. This is why having the right cooker hood is so important in such a space.

A range of cooker hoods that is able to effectively remove cooking smells noiselessly from the kitchen is Tecno’s DYNA-X powered slimline cooker hoods. Named after the Dynamic Blade Technology that is able to boost suction power while reducing noise levels, the cooker hoods – TCH 929DP BK, TCH 929DP SS, TCH 939TC BK and TCH 939TC SS – are able to ventilate your cooking zone quickly and efficiently.


The DYNA-X motor is complemented by an integrated air curtain panel that helps slow down and reduce fume escapement, which translates to better suction coverage. In addition, the appliances come with a three-ply stainless steel and aluminium hybrid filter that provides the optimal balance between suction power and oil-trapping capabilities.

Other than their impressive technical specifications, the DYNA-X powered cooker hoods boast sleek and slim profiles thanks to their semi-integrated chassis, allowing them to fit right into any space or kitchen requirement.

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