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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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Unexpected Kitchen Backsplash Treatments For Design-Savvy Homeowners
The kitchen backsplash is one area in the utilitarian space that lets you play around with colour, patterns and textures. Here are 5 of our favourite backsplash designs that are sure to add some unique character to your prep zone. Patterned tiles Tastefully mismatched patterns in a muted colour palette
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Top Kitchen Designs That Will Be Hot In 2018
It's just a couple of months to 2018 and if you're thinking of updating your well-utilised kitchen next year, read this first to get up to speed on the hottest kitchen designs. From updated classics to of-the-moment hues, the latest kitchen trends are all about style and substance. The new
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How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Kitchen Countertops
We demand quite a lot from the kitchen countertop. A good countertop material should have a long lifespan, be heat- and stain-resistant and at the same time, be stylish enough to complement our interiors. In fact, the kitchen countertop is probably the most hardworking surfaces in the home. While most
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5 Tips On Keeping Outdoor Furniture In Good Condition
Having an occasional alfresco gathering at your front porch, or a backyard barbecue party is a luxury to have while experiencing nature. However, maintaining outdoor furniture can be a challenge, especially in Singapore's erratic climate between torrential rain and relentless heat. Ahead, we suggest the best ways to keep your outdoor furniture
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Professional Chefs Tell Us What Makes A Truly Efficient Kitchen
They spend most of their time in an industrial kitchen, whipping up elaborate multi-course meals day after day. And that's why we can't think of better people to tell us what makes a truly efficient and functional home kitchen. We speak to 2 celebrity chefs, Heman Tan and Melvyn Lee, to
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Which Oven Is Best For Your Kitchen?
You can do so much with an oven – bake a chicken or crunchy cookies; make roasted beef; or even whip up a healthy meal of steamed fish. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the sheer selection of ovens in store, start by deciding between the electric or gas powered one.
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Stylish Tile Trends For Your Home
Whether for your bathroom walls or living room floor, the right tile choice plays a part in taking the overall look of a space to the next level. From the countless possibilities, we suss out the top tile trends you should take note of. Versatility [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Image
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5 Effective Tips To Keep Your Kitchen In Order
Overburdened cabinet spaces and messy drawers stand in the way of potential MasterChef moments. What’s more, a chaotic kitchen wastes time – making the home chef less inspired and more frustrated. Here's how to plan an efficient workspace in the busiest part of the home. Install open shelving Although it’s
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5 Things To Know Before You Go Furniture Shopping
A visit to the furniture store presents a world of possibilities. Whether it is for a complete overhaul of a room, or to add simple decorative accents to your home, forming imaginative ideas as you browse through household pieces is always enjoyable. But before you head down for your next shopping adventure,
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