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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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6 Tricks To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Luxury Hotel Boudoir
Every bedroom is a sanctuary. While many keep it simple with minimal decoration, you can also spruce it up to look like a five-star hotel room just by keeping to some tips. Read on to find out how to live the lavish lifestyle right in your bedroom. Cushion up [caption id=""
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Impress Your Guests With These Wallet-Friendly DIY Coasters
Why buy when you can make one of these great-looking coasters yourself? All you need is some time and a few easy-to-procure materials. What's more, they make great gifts! Give used wine stoppers a new life Upcycle used wine stoppers with this rather ingenious idea: glue eight pieces of wine corks
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A Basic Guide To Room Fragrances
The lemongrass scent in a resort, the light vanilla smell diffusing through the vents of a 5-star hotel – fragrances add depth to a space and creates a different ambience in each room. Your sense of smell is also a psychological and emotional trigger that can enhance your productivity or improve sleeping patterns. We
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How To Pick Out The Right Bed Frame
The bed is the center piece of every bed room. As it's supposed to last years and can be quite expansive, it's important to pick the right one that suits both your style and comfort. A textile bed frame can give you more flexibility in design with the myriad of patterns
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Curtains Or Blinds: Which Window Covering Is Better?
Curtains and blinds are useful for giving a room much-needed privacy, but making a choice between the two can sometimes be tricky. Here’s what you need to know about these window treatments. First, consider the basics As with any fitting, it is always important to consider the basics, or more
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10 Clever Storage Ideas That Also Look Great In Your Home
Whether it's an overhead shelf or a large cabinet, extra storage options are always a welcome addition to any home as they help to keep things neat and organised. Upgrade your abode with these handy storage ideas that will also lay the stage for a chic interior. 1. Outfit a small
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6 Ways To Update Your Interiors Without Undergoing A Full Renovation
If you think it requires lots of planning and commitment to give your home a new look, think again. We got our favourite stylists, interior designers and reps from home decor brands to share their tips and ticks on updating the interior – all without undergoing a major renovation. 1.
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Recommended Flooring Materials For Each Part Of Your Home
While there are many types of flooring materials available on the market, from ceramic tiles to solid wood, their usability within a room depends on more than just looks. We simplify your search with the most efficient flooring recommendations for each part of your home. Communal area: porcelain tiles and marble Porcelain
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7 Reno Hacks To Know Before You Start Your Home Makeover
Renovating a home is a complicated affair that demands plenty of creativity and time. However, some parts of the process can be simplified. Here's how to leverage on a couple of straightforward and smart renovation hacks that will help you attain your dream home in the most efficient manner possible. Keep
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