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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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5 Bathroom Defects That New Homeowners Should Check For
Although the bathroom is almost never the centrepiece of an abode, no one can go without it. For some, the bathroom is more than a chamber where personal hygiene matters are taken care of, it is also a private space that offers an escape from the demands of everyday life.
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5 Critical Defects That Your New Home Might Have
So you have collected the keys to your new house and are now ready to give it a final once-over. However, in the ensuing chaos of moving in, there is a chance that you might have missed out on a deal-breaking problem. But have no fear, we have your back
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Save On Your Water Bill With The Right Bathroom Fixture
Following the public announcement that water costs are set to increase by 30 per cent by July next year, most Singaporeans are naturally curious about what they can do to avoid a heftier utilities bill in the months to come. For those who wish to outfit their bathrooms with cost-efficient
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5 Ways To Keep It Organised In The Kitchen
Home to everything from pantry provisions to appliances and accessories, the kitchen can be a tricky place to keep tidy. But it’s not the end if you spend more time seeking for a particular tool than actually preparing the meal. All you need to do is whip this space into
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How To Adopt The Trendy Boho Theme At Home
The bohemian theme or eclectic look is all the rage now thanks to the Jungalow trend popularised by American interior design guru Justina Blakeney. If you love the expressive style that allows for plenty of room to let your personality shine, read our tips on how you can incorporate it into your abode.
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5 Island Ideas For Small Kitchens
Capable of functioning as a preparation counter, dining table and even a storage structure, kitchen islands are must-have fittings for any cooking aficionado due to their efficiency and flexibility. For these reasons alone, making space for one is well worth the effort as these handy peninsulas can make a big
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5 Storage Tips To Maximise A Small Kitchen
Organising a small kitchen is one of the trickiest things to do at home, as there are simply too many items to keep track of within a tiny space. Take charge of things with these five storage tips that will prove useful in expanding your kitchen’s ability to keep utensils,
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Cool DIY Decor Ideas For Your Home Office
Get those creative juices flowing with these pretty DIY accessories for your home office. Framed leaf They say that looking at the colour green is good for the eyes so here’s an innovative way to introduce more greens into your workspace: a framed palm leaf! Make a plain weave from
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5 Pink Appliances That Will Tickle Your Fancy
As one of the perkiest shades on the colour wheel, it comes as no surprise that pink is commonly associated with desirable qualities, such as cheeriness, gentleness and love. For this reason, adopting this delightful shade of pale red is a surefire way to brighten up an otherwise sterile home
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