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4 Easy DIYs You Can Do With Wooden Pegs
Who knew the simple peg can have so many smart uses aside from hanging the wash? Here are some  creative craft ideas that you can easily recreate yourself. Plant pot These adorable barrels are simply pegs taken apart and glued together on a cardboard ring. Sunburst frame Less obvious than
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5 Paint DIYs To Add Colour To Your Home
Bring a splash of colour into your interior with these effortless paint DIY projects. Frosted glass cup A frosted effect on drinking glasses can make a cool drink even more refreshing. Simply dip a sponge into some glass paint and dab the outside of the drinking tumble. You can go
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5 Artistic DIYs You Could Do With Markers
Show off your drawing skills with these unique marker craft ideas. Wall coverings Feeling brave? Draw on your walls to switch them up without splashing cash on wallcoverings or paint. Teacup planters These doodle heads are a cinch to create, and they’re so cute you’ll want to build up a
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6 Creative Ways To Incorporate Pebbles Into Your Decor
Who knew pebbles would make such great decorative accents for your home? Centre of attraction This DIY vase makes for an elegant centrepiece in a living room, although it requires a bit more work. Using a glue gun, stick small pebble stones onto an empty Pringles can (or any long
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9 DIYs You Can Do With Just A Can Of Spray Paint
Add a fresh dash of colour into your space with these quick and easy spray paint projects. Tree Branches For that touch of nature without the raw rustic feel, simply spray a dried tree branch in a shade that matches your home interior. Cork trivets Protect your countertops with cork
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8 Awesome DIY Homes For Your Plants
Regular gardening pots may be serviceable containers for your homegrown greenery, but they can get boring pretty quickly with their unspectacular silhouettes and earthy surfaces. Consider grooming your blooms with these clever DIY planter ideas that will also boost your home's appeal. 1. Glass bottle planter Empty drinking or even
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8 Quirky DIYs You Can Do With Lego Bricks
Here's how you can put your childhood Lego bricks to practical use for your home. Cable organiser Lego people can be utilised as cute-as-a-button phone cable organisers/holder. Secure the character with heavy mounting tape to the desk for a resilient hold. Deer head mount Yes, your own deer head mount
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5 DIY Coasters To Jazz Up Your Dining Table
Add a fun touch to your surfaces with these whimsical coasters! Novel accentsIt’s easy to tastefully play around with funky patterns and textures if they’re kept to small accents. These were cut out from stiff felt mats instead of their floppy cousins so they look better, are more durable and
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