Why A Home In Sengkang Is So Sought-After


From humble fishing village to modern neighbourhood, we identify the key developments that make Sengkang a thriving neighbourhood today.

Mention Sengkang to any Singaporean, and the image of a serene suburb with a growing community of young families comes to mind. However, few are aware of its past life as Jalan Kangkar. Closely situated to Singapore’s North-Eastern coast, this quiet neighbourhood once consisted of only a fishing port as well as several rubber, pepper and pineapple plantations.

Since then, Sengkang has undergone a gradual metamorphosis into a modern town that is home to approximately 185,600 residents. Plans to modernise the area kicked off in 1994, with the very first residential blocks and a dedicated Light Rail Transport (LRT) network seeing completion three years later.

Still, traces of Sengkang’s humble beginnings can be found in all of its seven subzones. District names such as Rivervale, Compassvale, Anchorvale and Fernvale hark back to Sengkang’s rural past, while a distinct nautical theme can be found within the architecture of Sengkang Town Centre, Sengkang West and Lorong Halus North.

If you are keen on setting up base in this charming neighbourhood, here are some important developments in that you should keep an eye out for.


Bellewaters Executive Condo

Ever wanted to experience the tranquillity of waterfront life? The upcoming Bellewaters Executive Condo (EC) allows its residents to do just that. Slated for completion by end-2017, the development is within walking distance of the tranquil Sengkang Riverside Park.

There, nature-lovers can explore Singapore’s largest man-made wetland Floating Island, learn more about common native fruits, or discover the mangrove birds and insects that call the park’s marshes home.

Image credit: Bellewaters EC

Image credit: Bellewaters EC

Compassvale Mast

Out of the seven districts that saw BTO flat launches in 2012, Compassvale Mast was by far the most popular choice due to its relative attractiveness as a residential district.

This came as no particular surprise as Compassvale Mast is located within walking distance of the Sengkang Town Centre, which houses a public transport hub as well as the Compass One Shopping Centre (then known as Compass Point).

Today, the development plays home to a population that is largely made up of young families and couples, living across nine 16-storey residential blocks.

Image credit: URA

Image credit: URA

Neighbourhood Haunts

Seletar Mall

Conveniently located at the junction between Fernvale Road and Sengkang West, Seletar Mall caters to the shopping needs of close to residents living within a 3km radius.

A mix of retail, dining and entertainment options are available at the 6-storey development, which counts highly-recognisable names such as Fairprice Finest, Uniqlo, and Shaw Theatres among its tenants.

Furthermore, as an eco-friendly development, Seletar Mall’s architecture boasts the use of innovative green technologies. For instance, a rainwater harvesting tank helps to collect water for landscape irrigation, while presence detection systems in toilets and staircases lower energy usage by powering down lighting when no users are detected.

Image credit: Seletar Mall

Image credit: Seletar Mall

Compass One Mall

Having undergone a year-long renovation, Compass One now boasts a fresh look and a new name. Formerly known as Compass Point, the four-storey mall has served Sengkang residents as a one-stop destination for retail and leisure, since its establishment in 2002.

Sengkang residents can access an expanded range of amenities at the revamped mall, which reopened its doors earlier this September; the renovated space features over 200 tenants offering a variety of dining, educational and shopping options.

Past tenants, supermarket chain Cold Storage and maternity store Kiddy Palace make a return, whereas popular food vendors Hong Kong Sheng Kee Pau and Eyescream & Friends have come on board for the first time.

Getting to Compass One remains an easy affair as well, thanks to its proximity to the Sengkang Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) station and Bus Interchange.

Image credit: Compass One Mall

Image credit: Compass One Mall


Sengkang General & Community Hospital

Besides an expanded range education options for their young ones, Sengkang residents stand to enjoy easier access to healthcare services by 2018.

The upcoming Sengkang General and Community Hospital  is expected to boost local healthcare capabilities, adding approximately 1,400 beds to the current system. As an integrated development, both hospitals will also partner in-house staff with nearby nursing facilities, general practitioners and home caregivers for a more seamless healthcare.

Image credit: Sengkang General & Community Hospital

Image credit: Sengkang General & Community Hospital

Sports & Recreation

NParks Round Island Route

Following the completion of the Coastal Adventure Corridor in 2020, outdoors enthusiasts will be able to explore a lengthier trekking route that passes through Sengkang Riverside Park. The Corridor is part of the 150 km Round Island Route, which will connect the coastal areas of Sengkang with Punggol, Pasir Ris, Changi and East Coast Park.

A new cycling bridge, linking up both ends of the Sengkang Riverside Park will also be constructed as part of the project, in addition to other cyclist-friendly amenities such as shelters, toilets and bicycle parking lots.

Image credit: PUB

Image credit: PUB


Further in the future, Sengkang residents can anticipate smoother journeys to and from their homes, thanks to a series of planned upgrades to transport networks in the vicinity.

For a start, plans for a new bus interchange at Buangkok were listed within the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) Draft Master Plan for Sengkang. While an exact completion date has yet to been given, trips for Sengkang residents are likely to become more convenient with an additional public transport node.

Upgrading works along Sengkang West Way are also expected to enhance the driving and pedestrian experience of nearby residents. Upon completion in 2020, the project will see the creation of a three-lane road, which joins Jalan Kayu and Sengkang West Road, in addition to an overhead bridge for greater accessibility.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Stanley Lim published in the November 2016 issue of SquareRooms.