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SquareRooms Awards 2019: Kitchen Edition

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See How These Old Singapore Buildings Have Been Updated For Contemporary Times
Singapore may not have as prolific a history as countries aged a thousand years or more, but its past is a colourful one, and one that can be chronicled through the various buildings that have remained admidst the passage of time. While they may not be used for their original
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Local Furniture Craftsmen And Brands That Are Proudly Made In Singapore
We highlight homegrown furniture brands driven by creativity and passion. Commune A subsidiary of homegrown furniture manufacturer Koda Group of Companies, Commune was launched in 2011 by brothers Julian and Joshua Koh, and their cousin Gan Shee Wen. The trio had a vision and passion for showcasing original designs from
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Enjoy Authentic Mexican Food At This Newly-Revamped Downtown Restaurant
Since opening their doors to the public five years ago, El Mero Mero has made it their mission to be a prime example of Mexican hospitality. The space has now been refurbished with care to bring customers a renewed impression that brings to life the vital energy of Mexican culinary
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How Your Home Appliances Will Get Even Smarter And More Efficient In The Future
The Koreans sure take their kimchi seriously. This observation was made during a tour of the LG Food Science Institute in Changwon, South Korea where a room full of refrigerators was set up to test out the optimal temperature, humidity and other factors in various environments to store the fermented
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Here's Why Even Professional Chefs Are Using This Countertop Material In Their Kitchens
There's no denying that deciding on a countertop material commands much of any homeowner's attention when planning the design of a kitchen. After all, it is over these surfaces that we conduct food preparation, cook, and even host our friends and family from. As such, it should only make sense that
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This Cosy Instagram-Friendly Restaurant Will Take You On A Culinary Journey To Barcelona
With a slew of new restaurants and dive bars opening shop in its vicinity, the Keong Saik Road neighbourhood has been buzzing with tonnes of action lately. The newest kid on the block is Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, a bright and airy Mediterranean eatery located in the new KēSa House
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MUJI's Advisory Board Member Kazuko Koike On Why The Brand Is So Popular Around The World
We all know and recognise Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI for its warm and minimalist aesthetic but did you know that the guiding philosophy of the brand is to create products that are functional? According to advisory board member Kazuko Koike, the establishment of MUJI was born out of the desire
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Fuel Up On Food For The Soul At Footwear Brand Pazzion's First Cafe
Since establishing themselves as a household name, Pazzion has consistently offered affordable quality leather shoes and handbags to their shoppers in line with their retail identity. In an effort to enhance the brand further for customers, the shoe label embarked on a year’s journey which has now transformed them into
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Here's A New Trendy Cafe In Town To Get Your Daily – Or Nightly – Shot Of Caffeine
Since the successful launch of their first standalone coffee bar in Asia, the brains behind The Affogato Bar has now opened its doors to their all-new sophomore concept, The Affogato Lounge. Much like their sister outlet, this new establishment specializes in alcoholic-infused affogatos, micro-batch ice cream as well as hearty
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