A Concept Store That Will Delight Anyone Who Loves Rustic Furniture


Located within a quiet industrial estate in Paya Lebar, Knots Living is a 3-in-1 furniture store that also houses a cafe and flower shop in its 2,600 square feet warehouse space. The business is helmed by Knots Living founder Soh Yee How, who is the founder of flower delivery service XpressFlower.

Drawing inspiration from a small florist-cum-coffee shop that he encountered while holidaying in Hong Kong, Yee How was motivated to establish a similar business in Singapore due to its fresh take on the floral store concept – and this eventually led to the creation of Knots Living.

Knots Living

Knots Living’s multi-concept business was inspired by owner Yee How’s travel experiences in Hong Kong.

Although the store’s decor is largely dominated by grey cement screed walls and a matching linoleum floor, the hardness of these elements are offset by vibrant displays comprising colourful stoneware ornaments and pots of blooming flowers that are found throughout the entire space.

Almost every single piece of furniture in the store can be bought, including the tables and chairs in the cafe.

Almost every single piece of furniture in the store can be bought, including the tables and chairs in the cafe.

Customers can sit back and enjoy a nice hot cuppa in the cafe area, which emulates the warm feel of an outdoors garden. Likewise, a collection of handcrafted furniture – including a mahogany-topped dining table and Gmelina wood bar stools with galvanised iron legs – serves to enhance the cosy atmosphere of the space.

Most notably, almost every piece of furniture in the cafe is available for purchase, including the very dining chairs and tables that customers use.

The furniture gallery at Knots Living hawks

The furniture gallery at Knots Living hawks handcrafted wood-themed furnishings like this floor lamp. 

The furniture gallery is visually similar to its cafe counterpart, being replete with various hardwood pieces from the Philippines. Iconic pieces displayed here, include an intricate tripod floor lamp with a foldable natural walnut-slatted shade, as well as a generous buffet table that comes equipped with extendable shelves. In addition, a collection of home accessories, such as dried flowers in bell-jars and frame-mounted deconstructed cameras, ties in well with the different aspects that make up Knots Living’s varied, yet harmonious identity.

 This was adapted from an article originally published in the March 2017 issue of SquareRooms.