How To Make Your Home Game Of Thrones-worthy


Live in the West? Why not live in Westeros instead? Our Game of Thrones fire basically got ignited once again and it’s conquering our hearts and homes. Here are 10 amazing items that will make your home Westeros-worthy.

“Night gathers, and now my watch begins.”

and now my watch begins

and now my watch begins2

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This ingenious lamp looks inconspicuously plain in the day, but cleverly shows the most noteworthy line in the Night Watch’s oath when lit. Made of handmade paper from Nepal, most of the shade is dyed with a polyphane plastic support that is made to withstand heat up to 160°C.

Winter is coming


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The most iconic quote of GoT + a pun = gold. Now you can stare down solemnly at your clamouring dinner guests and say the words while wearing this apron.

“Stick ‘em with the pointy end.”

chopping board

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What we believe is great about a GoT chopping board is that the more slashes it has, the more meaning it has. Even if it got those wounds of battle from vegetables.

“What do we say to death? Not today.”

cookie cutter

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Be a tough cookie and tell death to scarper. Although most of the Stark family is gone, we believe in #Sansa, #Arya and #Jon.



We found these gems on hip and clavicle, made of elegant pearlescent paper in a gorgeous variety of metallic hues. They come with wall-safe stickers and a huge dose of fierce.

A Canister Always Pays Its Debts

egg canister

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In cookies or gold, this dragon egg canister is worth its weight in gold simply because of the incredible detail. Imagine having a chest with three of these babies in it?

The Godswood


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May you rest beneath this magnificently hand-carved weirwood tree as it acts as a headboard for you to lay your weary head against.

Hand of the King

phone charger

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Who rules your life? We’re willing to bet you’d rather leave your house without food and water than without your phone. Hence, this mini throne for the king of your life – your phone, complete with dock that comes from under the throne. Sizes are customisable, as well as docks, to fit a king of all sizes.

“I don’t want to leave this cave Jon Snow. Not ever.”

shower curtain

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With Jon Snow and Ygritte dating in real life, there’s even more of a reason to get this shower curtain done to create your very own steamy cave that you wouldn’t want to leave. Made of washable and water-resistant lightweight polyester.

Crossroads Inn

tavern mug

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A gnarly tankard of ale to greet you after a day of hard battle. Whatever you’re drinking this evening, this oak wood mug will make anywhere a tavern with mead and beautiful girls. With a stainless steel lining, it can hold hot liquids as well as cold. Might as well go for some warm ale though – winter is coming after all.

Drogo and Daenerys

 wall decal

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Such was an epic love between the Khalessi and her late Dothraki husband. Do you have a moon of your life or a sun and stars? Maybe with this wall decal, you might find one worthy.

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