An Eclectic And Quirky HDB Flat That Oozes Plenty Of Style

Bold, unconventional and fun. These words sum up the ambience of this 1,250-square foot BTO flat in Tampines. Home to young couple, Shazleen and Irfan, who are both in their late 20s, the five-room unit is a cosy and eclectic love nest that shows off the inhabitants’ personalities and tastes.

The couple engaged interior designer JD Tan from Fuse Concept to help them realise their dream home. With requests to make the apartment feel open and spacious all while incorporating a mix of elements that reflect Shazleen and Irfan’s unique tastes, JD started planning the space according to the ornaments and collectibles the couple had accumulated from their travels.

JD explains, “They have a specific requirements on what they have and want to display such as ornaments, mugs, posters and more, all collected and purchased from their trips they went on. Not forgetting the dark Chesterfield sofa, which was passed down from their family.”

One of the first things that the design team did was to hack away half the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Windows were then installed at the top part of the wall so that more natural light can filter into the previously dark dining room. At the same time, the unique features of the kitchen with its statement Moroccan tile backsplash and Shaker-inspired built-in cabinets can be seen from the communal zone.

Clad in a pleasing tone of blue, the kitchen cabinets tie in with the homeowners’ taste for the unconventional. These built-ins were finished with laminates and then topped with KompacPlus countertops. Complementing the storage units is a series of shelves in similar teak tones that visually lighten the space while allowing the couple to display their collection of mugs.

On why he recommended cladding the entire wall with patterned tiles in the cooking zone, JD explains that the intention was to make a visual impact on anyone who walks into the unit and at the same time, make the kitchen part of the living space as this eye-catching feature can be seen from the dining area.

In the living room, Shazleen and Irfan’s eclectic tastes are reflected in the choice of furnishings used.

“The couple have mixed, unique tastes, and they like different looks,” explains JD. “They also had to select their new furniture based on what they already had, such as the Chesterfield sofa and the coffee table which were passed down from their families. So they sought my advice on the details, colour and dimensions to ensure that the right furniture are placed around this space.”

A striking feature here is the wall of ventilation tiles that divides the entryway from the living room. Not only does this add character to the home, it also works as a way to keep prying eyes from peeking into the living space.

In the private sanctuary, JD designed the wardrobes using a combination of woodgrained laminates and patterned laminates. The unobtrusive wardrobe had been designed in an L-shape to maximise the petite space. This also allowed the couple to furnish their master bedroom with classic four-poster wooden bed etched with delicate floral motifs.

JD explains that they greyish-blue shade used on the bedroom walls were meant to create a relaxing ambience, while at the same time bring out the characteristics of the tones and textures of the wooden furniture. With its soothing vibes and elegant furnishings, the bedroom sure is a dreamy spot to rest and recharge.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the January 2017 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Fuse Concept