Elevated Elegance

It’s rich, dark, and luxurious. No, it’s not a slab of chocolate; it’s a 2-bedroom executive condominium unit that overlooks the river and its lush surroundings.

Designing a newly launched condominium has its constraints. Space tends to be limited, and the brand new furnishings they come with don’t always fit into the homeowners’ vision. Instead of letting them go to waste, James and June drew inspiration from Vincent Van Duysen’s minimalist principles and complemented the existing built-ins, creating a versatile home for Eugene and his partner.

Open kitchen and living room

The same laminate on the kitchen cabinet extends to the multifunctional TV console in the living room, ensuring a seamless transition. To create a cosy ambience within the space, the original homogenous tiles have been overlaid with wood grain vinyl.

This warmth is further amplified by recessed LED strips, functioning as cove lighting in the living room. They cast a soft, diffused glow that perfectly completes the desired mood. To heighten the visual interest of the space, spotlights are strategically placed to accentuate the TV console.



Upon entering, a distinctive feature catches the eye – linear artificial skylights illuminating the foyer and guiding visitors towards the living room. These introduce natural light into what would otherwise be a dim space and interact with the textured feature wall, adding a dynamic flair that sets the tone for the entire house.


To optimise storage capacity and the workspace, the original wardrobe was eliminated to accommodate a two-person desk. Below the top-hung cabinets, a wall coated in textured paint introduces a tactile element while steering clear of visual clutter. The conducive atmosphere of the home office is further enhanced with a linear bar light.

Across the room, the owner’s book collection finds its place on the bookshelf, which also serves as a sophisticated backdrop for his frequent videoconferencing.


The bedroom maintains its commitment to clean lines, integrating recessed LED and spotlights in its false ceiling to create a tranquil atmosphere for rest and relaxation. A textured feature wall behind the headboard enhances the room’s depth, remaining consistent with the overall design language of the home.


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