An Exquisite Penthouse Makeover

This space now boasts a new floor plan, custom features and contemporary theme.

When you’re in a home that hasn’t been renovated in almost two decades, there’s a lot of room to get creative. It also means that the resulting changes will be dramatic. This condominium penthouse unit, untouched for 19 years, was dramatically transformed by the design team from J Design & Build across its two levels.

The homeowner requested for the new design to lean towards a modern contemporary theme with impactful accents and meticulous detailing.

“Upon purchasing this penthouse, my focus was on its spacious 2486-square-foot size, envisioning tearing down walls and reconstructing the space to create my dream home,” says the homeowner. “Opting for a modern contemporary style, I aimed to steer clear of pastel or neutral tones, deeming them dull and dated. To infuse vibrancy, I chose darker tones, yet avoiding an overly sombre atmosphere for my child’s sake. Collaborating with designer Ang Junjie, JJ, we achieved a harmonious balance in the design, which left me completely satisfied.”

Major work was put into this project, with walls hacked to create new cosy areas, modern accents added and several features customised for a personal touch. The entire home’s flooring was replaced

with vinyl; the existing marble and parquet flooring couldn’t be preserved due to the extensive wall demolition, necessitating a complete replacement.

An impressive dry kitchen

The best alteration here is, undoubtedly, the kitchen, which underwent a complete overhaul. This area originally included a yard, a toilet and a helper’s room. The design team reconfigured the space, transforming it into a helper’s room, wet kitchen and dry kitchen.

“This reorganisation was aligned with bedroom three, including a powder room that was pushed back to expand the dry kitchen,” JJ explains. “The dry kitchen now features a striking island, an adjustable dining table, a series of sleek built-in carpentry and integrated appliances like the French-door fridge, microwave, oven and water dispenser.”

“The powder room was expanded to align with the dry kitchen, concealing the French-door fridge, baking appliances and water dispenser for a clean aesthetic. Large format marble tiles (1200×600 mm) were chosen for space enhancement, with black wood grain laminate used for the vanity to maintain a monochromatic theme,” he adds.

The dry kitchen area features a custom-built island with an embedded induction cooker and an adjustable dining table to suit different occasions. The lighting here is gorgeous too. A baby’s breath chandelier with tri-tone bulbs sits above the dining table, offering a soothing brightness as well as creating a classy ambiance. Black tubular lights above the sink and induction cooker match the tubular hood, for a cohesive look. In addition, the essential lighting consists of an adjustable two- head halo downlight that illuminates the space.

The dry kitchen area is one of the homeowner’s two favourite modifications: “Our designer expertly curated the space. With his years of experience, he optimised our home layout, ensuring a seamless design, keeping things flush by doing away with awkward edges, without compromising on functionality.”

Redesigning the master suite

The master bedroom is now a space purely for sleep, with a light wood laminate finish, as well as a false ceiling with mood lighting for added allure. JJ shares that, to maintain a minimalist look, all TV and internet appliances are stored in a cabinet behind a concealed door next to the TV.

Laminate feature walls with LED night lights enhance the space, along with a gold-trimmed LED night light for a touch of sophistication. A custom- made upholstered headboard in grey velvet extends to the ceiling, creating an airy feel.

Even though the bedroom got a superb makeover, it is the adjoining ensuite and walk-in wardrobe that truly impress. The walk-in wardrobe was crafted from an extended area and even features a small balcony for natural light.

“The wardrobe follows an open concept for easy access, while the storage cabinet for bags and watches is designed with glass and shaker doors, accented with gold handles for a sleek European aesthetic,” JJ says. “The customised dresser includes illuminated mirrors and a concealed storage cabinet behind the mirror for skincare and make-up essentials. It also has a hidden door leading to the master bedroom.”

The ensuite was completely reconfigured, with a 50-50 layout, extending towards the master bedroom. Two shower niches were built to replace traditional racks or shelves, and a full-height shower screen with a black frame minimises future maintenance issues. Large format marble tiles adorn the walls and floors to enhance the spaciousness and reduce grout lines. Finally, the design team added a lengthy vanity with a timeless monochromatic colour scheme.

Unsurprisingly, this new multi-purpose space is the other of the homeowner’s favourite new spaces, revealing that the master bedroom “exudes coziness”, while the ensuite, with the 200-square-foot balcony with unblocked views also boasts a circular jacuzzi bathtub for a rejuvenating self-spa experience.

Expansive floor plan

The master suite is the only bedroom on the second level. However, there is plenty of space to relax here too. Originally a corridor and large living room, it was transformed into a cosy living room, pantry, study area and an altar room. The TV console with ample storage stretches across the wall of the living area, with a concealed door leading to the master bedroom’s walk-in wardrobe. The backyard with lots of natural light was converted into a laundry area. Walls separating each area means there’s privacy in every room.

The home is scattered with toys, including Bearbrick figures and cars. The homeowner shares that their five-year-old son adores Gundam, Marvel, Bearbrick, and Lego figurines. “He aspires to become a toy collector as he grows up, having begun his collection at the age of three. It has become his favorite hobby.” This impressive renovation journey underscores the impact of innovative design and a personalised approach in transforming not only spaces but also enriching the lives of those who live in them, turning the Woodlands Crescent penthouse into a genuine haven for this family.