Family Centred Home

With the four young children in this household growing up, the family wanted to revamp their home to give everyone their own bedrooms.

Opting for a chic, modern Scandi theme with a touch of luxury, this home renovation has a vibe that adults can adore. Yet, it’s the children who truly shine at the center of this transformation. A fusion of modernity and playfulness, this unique interior showcases how design can cater to both the aesthetic and the imaginative, turning a simple room into a source of daily inspiration and joy. Take, for instance, is the ‘lazy corner’ – a cosy, netted nook filled with colorful balls, perfect for the little ones to play or enjoy some quiet time. Conveniently connected to their rooms, this fun space is always just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Living room

Where luxury meets simplicity – this stunning living area blends modern design with functional elegance, creating a serene urban oasis that celebrates open space and refined taste. The area characterised by clean lines and a a neutral colour palette, is punctuated by the warm tones of the wooden accents. Polished white marble flooring reflects the natural light streaming in from the large windows, enhancing the airy feel of the space. A discreet built-in entertainment unit and recessed shelving merge seamlessly with the walls, while indoor plants introduce a refreshing burst of greenery, contributing to the space’s organic undertones.


Sophistication in simplicity, the kitchen presents a sleek, contemporary space that embodies minimalist design principles. The cabinetry, exhibiting clean, flush lines with handleless doors, stretches across the wall and wraps around to a central island, creating a cohesive and streamlined look. The wooden slatted detail on the side of the island and the matching wood panel ceiling insert add a touch of warmth and texture, while a modern, spherical wall lamp casts a soft glow, accentuating the kitchen’s sophisticated ambiance.


The junior master bedroom depicts a serene and sophisticated space, showcasing a minimalist aesthetic with a focus on texture and light.Flanking the bed are two unique nightstands with a corrugated texture, harmonizing with the horizontal lines of the wood panel accent wall behind the bed.

This wall is composed of geometric wood panels arranged in a herringbone pattern, with a warm backlight that creates a calming glow and enhances the room’s cosy ambiance. One unique feature in the bedroom is a tranquil reading nook framed by light wood paneling that gives the space a warm, natural feel. The design makes intelligent use of space; a built-in bench, complete with plush cushions and a view through slatted window blinds, provides a cosy spot for relaxation.


The homeowners desired generous bathroom zones for their three girls, and the design team expertly understood and executed this vision, maximising space usage to its fullest potential. Double sinks and double showers were added in the facelift with a long shower niche for the girls to place their toiletries. Below the counter, vertical wooden slats create a textured facade, hiding storage and plumbing while adding a touch of organic elegance. The shower features a glass enclosure with sleek, black metal frames, enhancing the clean lines and modern aesthetic. The interior walls are clad in light blue tiles laid in a subtle, linear pattern, which adds a hint of texture and a calm, spa-like feel to the space.

A shower niche that runs across the wall, with a natural finish, provides a practical and stylish area for toiletries.

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