Learn How To Achieve An Elegant Yet Cosy Home From This 3-Bedroom Condo

Defined by a unique character that can be best described as “casual but elegant”, the current look of this three-bedroom condominium home is the work of Minimo & Minimology interior designer Elden Lim. Inspired by the eclectic, relaxed image of Ralph-Lauren style homes, the space marries a variety of natural and industrial materials to create a timeless abode that is perfect for a young family of three.

A coherent image can be found throughout the approximately 1,400-square foot home in the form of a cosy interior, defined by sumptuous shades that evoke a sense of warmth. Visuals aside, the apartment’s overall look is also underpinned by several luxurious textures that include various glossy laminates, polished stone surfaces and wood finishes.

For a start, the living room makes use of the aforementioned surfaces by incorporating them into the design of a custom-made TV console. Backed by a sectioned wall clad in walnut-brown wood laminates, the console also incorporates a jet-black granite shelf supported by a chamfered solid plywood base. Other fixtures, such as an acrylic white shoe cabinet and rectangular ceiling lights help to create a symmetrical balance with their boxy shapes.

In the adjacent dining area, a grey-grained marble table and a trio of fabric-topped chairs with walnut-coloured legs make for a simple but stylish set of dining furniture. Accenting the dining zone with their reflective surfaces, a spherical Tom Dixon copper lamp and a silvery mirror embedded within a carpented wall pair off well against each other.

“Apart from its ability to expand the space visually, the mirror was installed due to the owners’ belief in feng shui, as its placement in a dining room traditionally symbolises a doubling of food and wealth for the entire household,” explains Elden.

Despite sharing the same space as the living room and dining area, the open kitchen features a visual profile that is comparably low-key. Save for the wooden laminates on the island’s front, the white surfaces of the kitchen’s fridge, cabinets and its ceramic-tied feature wall make for a look that is clean and uncluttered. In a similar fashion, the kitchen’s monochromatic floor creates a visual break by doing away with the ivory white marble tiles of the living areas.

Possessing a distinct identity of its own as well, the master bedroom brings with it a splash of colour in the form of mauve shades that cover the entire wall behind the bed’s headboard. Standing out against the wall with its splotches of grey on a white canvas is an eye-catching painting, courtesy of Elden and his team, which serves as the bedroom’s centrepiece.

Continuing the modern luxe theme, both of the apartment’s bathrooms make use of ligneous elements and an open concept design to create a resort-like atmosphere. Wood laminated vanities topped with black granite tops were installed in both spaces, along with transparent shower doors that free up visual space.

However, the master en suite possesses a more refined look with its grey marble floor tiles that stand in contrast to the common bathroom’s rustic surfaces, which incorporate matte sandstone tiles for the dry area and homogeneous wooden tiles for the shower. Just like the other parts of the abode, the result is a pair of bathrooms that are distinctive and classy.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the March 2017 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Minimo & Minimology