House Tour: A Resale Condo Gets Updated Into A Luxurious Hotel-Inspired Hideout


Working an upscale style such as this hotel-inspired look takes a refined hand and this is exactly what principal designer Adrian Heng from SpaceOne Interior Design Consultancy has been delivering to the projects under his well-versed portfolio. His meticulous approach to the modern glamorous style takes it beyond the luxury hotel setting; especially with him perfecting his craft through the bespoke designs of custom carpentry and furnishings.

For this 24-year old resale condo unit, the stakes became much higher when the outdated unit itself required extensive changes in both the electrical works and space configuration.

“I did not hold back in hacking down the original boundary walls – walls that hampered the potential flow of light and space,” Adrian reveals. “For instance, there was a long and narrow corridor which led to the bedrooms, but I decided to hack it away and work that space into the private areas.” That led to a much larger floor plan for the master bedroom, especially with the integration of another common bedroom with it.

To create a brighter and more spacious setting for the communal zones, he decided to hack away the enclosed kitchen and convert it into an open cooking space. The rest of the service facilities such as the laundry yard and storeroom are then neatly tucked away at the back and behind a seamlessly hidden entrance. “It was a very drastic change from the original floor plan,” Adrian says. “I wanted to establish a spatial arrangement that is free-flowing and to maximise the space in the communal and private zones.”

That he did, as seen in the living and dining zones, which share the same confines but are defined by outstanding design features. A sleek monochromatic colour scheme swathes the living space with a chic and contemporary appeal. Instead of the usual wooden or glass-top coffee table, the designer pepped things up with a set of hexagonal-shaped ottomans. “It’s more flexible and fun than your regular coffee table which stays put in one place, “ he says. “The homeowners can move it around and use it as a footrest or as additional seating.”

Over at the dining zone, it carries a more formal setting with a custom-made dining set of velvety chairs and a marble-topped table. “If you look closer, you’d notice that I’ve designed two different types of dining chairs,” he reveals. “The host and hostess chairs at the two ends have a slight wingback detail while the rest have a regular backrest.” The style ensemble of a slightly textured wall covering flanked by mirror strips and a display ledge creates a centre axis for this dining space. With that, the decorative ornaments take centre stage in this lavish-looking space.

As one crosses to the common-bedroom-turned-study, he has designed a space that is more than just for quiet contemplation. He explains, “As the homeowners use this study for discussions, I installed tempered glass panels which work as glossy blackboards to jot down notes.” Installed at the back wall and at the entrance of the sliding door, the sleek black tone of these memo boards fits in well with the chic monochromatic design language.

The other two bedrooms have been merged together; forming a supersized sleeping suite which has been future-proofed. He has installed a bi-fold door to segregate the main sleeping quarters from the chill-out area. He reveals: “The multi-functional chill-out zone is intended as a nursery and I’ve also installed an additional wardrobe to cater for their future brood.” With such thoughtful and practical amenities to go along with the luxury hotel aesthetic, it’s no wonder Adrian’s designs will stay fresh through the years.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Disa Tan published in the July 2019 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: SpaceOne Interior Design Consultancy