Pops of Colour

The design team worked the homeowners’ playful personalities into their abode by adding a variety of hues and textures all over this resale flat.

We all want a home that reflects who we are. That’s why we paint walls in our favourite colours, choose layouts that fit our lifestyles and display our most meaningful knick-knacks.

When renovating this flat, the designers at Fifth Avenue Interior were inspired by the homeowners’ fun and playful personalities and chose an eclectic theme with a mixture of mid-century design to reflect it.

The couple didn’t want their home to have a ‘flat’ showroom feel and instead aimed for a more natural and cosy vibe. Additionally, they requested that the designers brighten and liven up their abode, the flat originally dark with restricted space and odd- shaped areas.

As the first thing to greet both the owners and their guests when they step into the home, the entryway needed to be fixed, so the design team crafted a shoe cabinet that follows and complements the home’s odd shape. Mustard was chosen for the front door to contrast vibrantly with the concrete flooring and instantly conjure up an inviting ambience.

Elevated living

An open-concept dining area sits next to the living room, furnished with eye-catching statement seating. A small garden nook adds warmth and cosiness to this corner while the floor-to-ceiling windows elevate the home with plenty of natural light.

Large-format patterned tiles add the final touch to the common areas, complemented by a large traditional rug in the living room.

A colourful kitchen

Working on the odd-shaped kitchen was perhaps the biggest challenge in this home. The skilled design team managed to turn it into a space that comfortably houses all of the homeowners’ appliances as well as a peninsula that doubles as a prep space. Top-hung cabinets also provide more storage room without taking up too much of the existing layout.

One of the focal points of the kitchen is its flooring, which marries large octagonal and small square tiles in different colours. The little pops of mustard were a surprise addition, inspired by the homeowners’ tile shopping excursion and ultimately their favourite picks.

“The mustard pieces are custom-made, cut into the desired shape to fit within the small area,” says Valerie Hoon, Fifth Avenue Interior’s design team manager. “The backsplash also adds a playful touch by integrating a few decorative tiles into the white backdrop.”

The combination of mustard and olive green cabinetry is another extension of the owners’ quirky, eclectic style.

Tranquil respites

One of the private spaces in the home, the study was clad in light and bright hues, including the recessed niche behind the desk, which steals the show in a soothing shade of dusty pink.

A spacious settee makes the most of the bay window with generous concealed storage, culminating in an open cabinet that mixes oak textures and olive green laminates.

“This room’s colour combination is also based on the owners’ character and daily habits,” says Valerie. “You can tell that the owners fully embrace the odd angles of the home, as the table is also deliberately slanted, framing the pink nook and settee as its background.”

Soft hues can also be found in the bedroom, painted in a cool, dusty shade of blue. A custom wardrobe was constructed to ensure easy access to the air-conditioning and compressor units on the right-hand side, concealed by curtains to keep them out of sight.

Some extra wall space is dedicated to additional shelving, and a structural wall behind the bed was transformed into yet another recessed nook that provides more room for possible shelving in the future. It also means the homeowners can read a book before bed and easily place it back there for the night before falling asleep.

The two bathrooms accentuate the home’s vibrant ambience in their own right. The guest bathroom was fitted with a bold blue door and a matching vanity cabinet, as well as a patterned countertop sink and a row of classic red and blue tiles just above.

The main bathroom’s colour scheme is a combination of hues from different parts of the home, tying the eclectic palette together in a slightly more understated look. There’s a touch of green that matches the kitchen, a burnt orange washbasin reminiscent of the entryway cabinet, and a wooden vanity cabinet that recalls the kitchen countertops and various wooden finishes around the home.