This Resale HDB Flat Juxtaposes Old And New With A Mid-Century Design


“Most of the furnishings you see in this flat are from the homeowners’ previous residence,” says the Versaform design team who was commissioned to work on the renovation of this 25-year-old resale HDB unit. The homeowners, a married couple in their forties, wanted a fitting style that could accommodate their expansive collection of furniture pieces in a variety of styles. Conceptualising a background theme which could tie everything together was therefore a make-or-break decision for the entire renovation.


With such tricky waters to navigate, the designers soon came up with the mid-century modern style; an enduring look which comprises clean and gentle organic lines. Capitalising on its minimal ornamentation and liberal capacity for a juxtaposition of differing furniture styles, the mid-century modern approach became the main catalyst in the successful placement of the existing furnishings.


As the designers filled up the resale unit with the smorgasbord of furnishings, they also had to cater to the homeowners’ request for a well-ventilated kitchen. “In terms of light and air flow, the original kitchen layout could be further improved upon,” they explained. “We entertained the idea of relocating the kitchen entrance and, in the end, decided to introduce light-enhancing measures as well to amplify the source of light and air.”

Replacing the original entrance with a wall of glass blocks, the kitchen of this renovated HDB unit now enjoys an abundance of daylight. “Light can be delivered through these thick glass blocks while privacy is still retained,” adds the team. Ventilation blocks above the glass wall have also been introduced to create an airy and light-filled cooking space.

Another glass block wall was erected to separate the balcony from the living area. Besides establishing design uniformity, it also fulfils the homeowners’ fengshui requirement. Creating a relaxing nook, the glass block encases the balcony dining set in good light. A characterful line-up of wine crates and shelving of raw wood textures have been organised along the balcony to provide ample storage for the homeowners’ collections of books and artful accents.


Over at the living area, the pairing of vinyl flooring and an accent wall painted in black offers a cosy mid-century modern setting. Brass finishes which embellish the furniture and a starburst mirror frame help to brighten up the scene and elevate the overall aesthetics with a touch of old-world glamour.

In the kitchen, an elegant farmhouse ambience is carved out with cabinetry in an understated shade of green. The choice of cabinet handles and a faucet in brass finishes further draws out its quiet opulence. A porcelain over-mount kitchen sink makes a visual statement with its farmhouse-inspired attributes. To better match the standalone kitchen trolley during the renovation, the designers decided to clad the sea green counters with KompacPlus surfaces bearing rich wood-look patterns.


This farmhouse-inspired kitchen does not only rank high in aesthetics, the team made sure to incorporate practical measures to create a hardworking cooking space as well. Filled with tons of storage through its full-height cabinetry, the kitchen presents a neat appearance with custom nooks to house the fridge, oven and other essential appliances in good order.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the April 2020 issue of SquareRooms.