Scandi Surprise

Together with a designer from Darwin Interior, they decided on a Scandinavian theme, with a tinge of green and stone.

The designer wanted a cohesive look across the living and dining area as well as the kitchen. So one of the bedrooms was hacked to be used as a dining area and they went with an open-concept kitchen for better flow. It’s in these areas where you’ll find elements of wood, green, white and stone materials.

Living room

Hacking a bedroom wall meant the homeowners now have an extended living and dining area. Lots of carpentry work was done in the living space, including a stone laminate TV feature wall with suspended console cabinet, a bay window settee with storage space and a full-height storage/shoe cabinet. Next to the window sits a wooden laminate fluted panel with shelving, as a way to align with the bay window carpentry. The designer also incorporated this to add texture and depth to the entire set of carpentry.


The new island here serves two purposes – the homeowners now have a cosy corner for working, eating or relaxing, plus it gives them extra storage space too. The homeowners wanted to incorporate a solid green shade as well as wood design for the cabinets and the design team achieved this blend perfectly, after experimenting with various green hues. The kitchen area also houses a dry pantry open niche, where the homeowners can easily prepare a quick coffee. The wine lovers also added a wine chiller in this space.


The bathroom has been turned into a calm, relaxing space with the addition of a circular mirror above the vanity unit. The designer chose this shape as it’s associated with safely and calmness. A vanity cabinet was built, with a quartz countertop. Additionally, a shower curb was constructed, and a new shower screen, fittings and accessories completed the look.


To maximise the space in this room, the design team constructed an L-shaped casement door wardrobe with a bedside niche opening. This gives one side of the bed a unique look, with a more conventional bedside table on the other end. The light-coloured cabinets also provide a nice contrast to the brown headboard and coloured bedsheets.

Darwin Interior

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