Small but Significant

Buying a home as a single individual in a mature estate like Ang Mo Kio typically involves sacrificing space. But that hasn’t stopped this homeowner from bringing his vision of a sleek bachelor pad to life.

Maximising a 3-room HDB flat is an art. You try to keep things airy, but the need for storage looms over the unit in top-hung cabinets. You enjoy having friends over, but fitting a large dining table proves impossible. You want to make room for your hobbies, but end up playing Tetris after snugly fitting in a bedroom and study.

Yet, Gordon from Ovon Design has not only checked all three boxes but has gone above and beyond, all while committing to an industrial-chic theme.

Foyer and living room

A glass fluted door strikes a balance between privacy and letting that sweet natural light flood in. This illuminates the cement screed finishing and big, bold tiles, adding a touch of warmth to what could’ve been a dark and cold vibe.

A sleek TV console with clean lines cleverly carves out room for a generously sized sofa and an armchair – not your run-of-the-mill 3-room flat furnishings.

Dining room and kitchen

In the dining room and kitchen, a 4-seater table stands alongside an island equipped with a sink and an induction hob. Thanks to Gordon’s thoughtful lighting selections and the presence of copper surfaces in the kitchen, this area is bathed in a warm glow.

To preserve the overall sense of openness, open shelves replace the conventional top-hung ones. Even potential eyesores like the washer and rubbish chute in the service yard have been stylishly concealed, banishing visual clutter.


While many 3-room homeowners opt to expand their living room by merging it with one of the two bedrooms, Gordon’s decisions in the former have kept the latter intact for other programs within the house. Instead, he reconfigured the two bedrooms by swapping their places. What was once the guest bedroom has been enlarged to become the master bedroom, accommodating a study area and a feature wall with a concealed door, with a couple of surprises waiting on the other side of it.

Walk-in wardrobe and bathroom

The former master bedroom has been transformed into a walk-in wardrobe with cabinetry flanking either side. The space doubles up as a workout area where the homeowner stores his fitness equipment.

You’ll also notice a vanity with a sink, which had been displaced from the bathroom for good reason. As it turned out, the master bathroom has been ingeniously combined with the common bathroom in the kitchen. The result? A Jack and Jill bathroom that is large enough for a shower area to be demarcated without the use of clunky dividers.

Ovon Design

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