Small Home, Big Impact

This home wasn’t in a good condition when the couple bought it so they wanted an overall refresh.

Off-white is the predominant colour for the cabinets in this home because the homeowners wanted a clean, airy look. The wife is a huge fan of online shopping platform Taobao and designer Vanice from Darwin Interior helped to curate and make recommendations for what would best suit their renovated home. Almost all of the home’s furniture came from Taobao and were placed around the home according to fengshui, as they are big followers of the practice.

Living room

The design team hacked down a wall to make the modest living space look bigger. A dry pantry sits in this area, with easy access to a coffee station as the couple are avid coffee drinkers. It also separates this space from the small kitchen so they have a cosy corner to enjoy a beverage without entering the kitchen. Plus, the wooden shelves above the cabinetry serve as a beautiful display area. The designer also added shoe cabinet in this living space, as well as concealed the bomb shelter.


The flat’s size limited what colours and materials the designers could use here. They didn’t want to use any laminates that could potentially make the house look even smaller so chose white for a clean look. The couple host friends often for mahjong sessions so the team created a design that makes it easy to hide unsightly kitchen items from guests.


The master bathroom design was duplicated for the common toilet but using darker tiles as the husband wanted a black/dark theme. So while the ensuite is bright with its white and off-white features, the common bathroom is grey and black, with a white basin.

There are some pops of colour here though, from the terrazzo tiles – bits of red, white and light brown perk up the shower space.


A wardrobe was added here and the flooring was changed too. The designer advised on the best design for the floating dressing table and wall mirror and the homeowners bought them from Taobao. The simple layout turns the room into an inviting resting space – just draw the curtains for an extra cosy feel.

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