Stark and Serene

You might not think “warm and cosy” when we say “industrial,” but this project is proof that you can have the best of both worlds.

Most small apartments go for a bright and airy aesthetic to counter the lack of space, but one homeowner, along with his interior designer, Dylan, envisioned something different. When you hear the words “bachelor’s pad,” you’d probably imagine a Bruce Wayne type: dark, futuristic, and even a little brooding. But you would only be half-right in the case of this one-bedroom apartment. It strikes a balance between austere and homey—a duality atypical of most industrial-themed projects. And that’s what makes it intriguing.

Living room:

“He loves the industrial look and feel but also wants to add a touch of modernity, so I proposed applying cement screed to the walls,” said Dylan. These walls now serve as a backdrop for the homeowner’s branded furniture and Dylan’s lighting choices to stand out.

Paper lamps rarely make an appearance in industrial-themed homes, but they brought a soft touch into the cold, concrete surroundings, making the living room more welcoming.


By opting for stainless steel over more concrete, Dylan and the homeowner added depth to the communal area. “We used a stainless steel worktop as it would suit the industrial modern theme more.

The usual quartz and sintered stone have a ‘marble’ effect, which would not have blended in well,” he explained. The polished surface complements the monochromatic fixtures and cookware, camouflaging the visual clutter inherent in an open kitchen and a one-bedder.


According to Dylan, the homeowner wanted the theme to be consistent throughout the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Fortunately for them, the upside of designing a small space is the ease of keeping things uniform. The bedroom is decidedly minimal; opting for a storage bed sans headboard ensures the feature wall remains uncluttered. Yet another paper lantern graces the homeowner’s sleeping quarters, casting a soothing glow to facilitate his winding down after a long day out.

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