SquareRooms April 2024

HOME TOGETHER • Outside the box Unconventional solutions for the modern family home • Family essentials Furniture and appliances for the ultimate family-friendly living space • Home grown Inside Matthew and Cherie’s journey in creating a home that grows with them •

April 2024

In our April issue, we peel back the layers of perfect decor to reveal the charming mess of a well-loved, family home.

From smart, practical furnishings to ingenious storage solutions and multi-generational design insights, we explore how to balance aesthetics with the realities of everyday life.

Discover transformative design stories, where unconventional choices and custom features redefine living spaces, and get inspired by homes where personal and professional worlds meet.

Past Issues


Key to Your Home

The prospect of renovating can be equally exciting and stressful, especially when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom! In this Key To Your Home Bathroom & Kitchen Special, you’ll find everything from kitchen layout guides to bathroom budgeting tips and carefully picked appliances and fittings, as well as handy tips and tricks for the rest of the house. Both inspiring and insightful, it will give you everything you need for a smooth-sailing renovation!


Finding a house, embarking on a renovation, managing your budget and getting settled in your new place—it’s all difficult enough as a couple, but when there are kids in the mix, things take on a whole new layer of complexity! In this special family issue of IdealHomes, we speak with local homeowners and parents who are juggling everything from renovations to keeping the house clean on a daily basis. Find out how these parents planned their interiors to be child-friendly and future-proof and what amenities they prioritised for their kids when choosing a house. You'll even be able to shop their top appliances and most well-loved furnishings for your own home! Beyond these inspiring home tours and shoppable must-haves, you'll also find enlightening interviews with some very special people, from interior designers specialising in kids' rooms to children's furniture designers and more.