SquareRooms August 2022

Should You Hack? Great points to consider and design ideas for open-concept success

August 2022

In this issue, discover some of the coolest and most unique local makers and businesses to support. Find ideas and tips for open-concept success, and check out gorgeous serveware that will make every meal feel extra special.

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Key to Your Home

Nothing is quite as stressful to new homeowners as the prospect of renovating—but it doesn't have to be that way. In this brand new edition of Key To Your Home, you'll find all the info you need for a fuss-free and exciting home reno, from learning how to read your floor plan to choosing the right layout for your kitchen and picking the perfect bathroom tiles. Packed with practical tips and tricks, creative ideas and plenty of our favourite products, you'll get the hang of renovating in no time—and save lots of money in the process. Happy renovating!


Looking to renovate your home? Get inspired with our treasure trove of gorgeous interior design ideas, clever renovation tips and handy budgeting advice, brought to you by real homeowners from all over Singapore! Learn from their best decisions and greatest mistakes, shop their top furniture and decor picks and get inspired by a breadth of interior design styles. No matter your budget or style, there's something for every homeowner in this edition of IdealHomes!