WIN! Ariston Instant Water Heaters worth $688


Bored of waiting around for your outdated water heater?

With Ariston‘s AURES instant water heaters with Constant Temperature technology, showers become a bespoke and luxurious experience, the temperature of your choice immediate and constant. The clever ST33 and RT33 models can memorise up to three temperature settings and recall them at the touch of a button, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the shower and utilising the built-in anti-scalding technology to keep the experience safe and pleasant. This consistency not only makes for a high-end shower experience, it also ends up saving you energy and water in the long run by keeping temperature fluctuations to a minimum.


ST33 and RT33 are the first water heaters in Singapore to be officially certified by PSB Singapore to be energy saving, with utility savings of at least 16.4%.

We are giving away one unit of Ariston ST33 Instant Water Heater, worth $329 and one unit of Ariston RT33 Instant Water Heater, worth $359. Simply fill up your particulars below and stand a chance to win!

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