WIN! Cosmo Prime Air Purifier worth $538

Fitted out with a three-in-one HEPA filter, Cosmo‘s Prime Air Purifier effectively removes particles ranging from dust mites to viruses and even pet fur from your living spaces, making them healthier and safer for the whole family.

It’s an especially handy appliance for those suffering from allergies, its medical-grade H13 HEPA filter designed to filter out 99.97% of air pollutants with a strikingly quiet motor running at just 20dB. Large particles like hair and dust are first intercepted by a pre-filter, while the H13 filter awaits bacteria, pollen and dust mites.


An activated carbon filter forms the final defence line, removing unpleasant smells from the air and absorbing harmful substances like formaldehyde. It’s even equipped with the brand’s very own Pet Guardian, an antimicrobial agent that neutralises pet odours, making your abode a safe and pleasant space for everyone.

We are giving away one unit of Cosmo Prime Air Purifier worth $538. Simply fill up your particulars below and stand a chance to win!

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