4 Easy DIYs You Can Do With Wooden Pegs

Who knew the simple peg can have so many smart uses aside from hanging the wash? Here are some  creative craft ideas that you can easily recreate yourself.

  1. Plant pot
    DIY Wooden Pegs Plant Pot
    These adorable barrels are simply pegs taken apart and glued together on a cardboard ring.
  2. Sunburst frame
    DIY Wooden Pegs Sunburst Frame
    Less obvious than a sunburst mirror, this nifty holder lets you switch around your photos more easily than with a gallery wall.
  3. Recipe holder
    Need more counter space? Fix magnets behind your pegs, and you can stick them on your fridge to hold up instructions and other handy items like tea towels.
  4. Daily planner
    DIY Wooden Pegs Daily Planner
    Mark seven pegs with the days of the week and add your tasks to them. These are great because you can grab all your notes at once as you head out the door.

This was adapted from an article originally written by  Yuen Yi Ying that appeared in the April 2015 issue of SquareRooms