4 Home Desk Inspirations That’ll Make You Want To Work From Home

Office workstations can be uninspiring spaces – filled with piles of paper, generic office stationery and replicates of the same desk and chair. But that doesn’t mean that home offices should suffer the same fate. Create an inspiring nook that will get you in the right zone with these inspirational workspaces. Now you can look forward to getting desk-bound.

1. Monochrome chic

Keeping things black and white isn’t always boring. Accent a white desk with black details and for a minimalist look that’s clean, and easy on the eyes. Choose items with crisp lines for a sleek finish that will make you feel like you’ve got everything in order.

2. Organised mess

Inject a bit of the outdoors to your desk to break up the monotony of work. If you’re worried about clutter, have the plants cascade down to create the illusion that you’re working in an urban garden. You’ll hardly feel like you’re at work when you’re this close to nature.

3. Flying colours

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Don’t shy away from colour – they can help brighten up the mood. Opt for your favourite shade for something intimate or give it splash of milky pastel for a muted pop. Those four walls won’t look as dreary now.

4. Going up

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With limited desk space, choosing what to display can be a tough decision. Building shelves on the wall will provide the storage space you need to proudly display those family portraits and travel mementos. And the best part – everything’s just within arm’s reach.