Unconventional Christmas Decoration Ideas You Must Try This Festive Season


It’s time to switch up your standard Christmas decor and celebrate the festive season with a twist! From minimalist Christmas decor ideas for the modern couple to kid-friendly ones for the family, here’s a guide that will help you make your homes Insta-worthy for Christmas this year. 

Minimalist Christmas

Since everything is about minimalism these days, we thought it’s only right to incorporate it into ideas for Christmas decor! Minimalism is not necessarily about having less, but about making less work more. Check out these simple yet stunning statement pieces that will make a big impact at home.

shopee 1 (Credit: partyforce, adorableyou.sg)

Although hanging traditional fairy lights is not a bad idea, we think shapes will lend an edgier style to your home. Hang these diamond-shaped lights and light em’ up for some sparkle at night. Do you usually receive many Christmas card greetings? Instead of sticking them onto the refrigerator, why not hang them onto this wooden photo link frame. It will look great clipped alongside postcards in a leafy motif.

shopee 2(Credit: Hanghong815, halfa.sg)

Don’t forget to decorate your main door too – perhaps with this simple leafy wreath or this half eucalyptus wreath that you can wrap around a circular mirror for a classic festive look.

Double The Fun With Christmas & CNY Decor

Chinese New Year (CNY) 2020 falls exactly a month after Christmas. So why not combine Christmas and CNY decoration ideas?
shopee 3(Credit: allinmall.sg, popuration.sg)

Bring on the festive cheer with these colourful paper lanterns, but perhaps stick with the seasonal pink and red ones to stick with the celebratory mood. On the other hand, r
ed hollies are symbolic for Christmas and are the perfect plants to re-use for CNY. Buy these artificial red hollies and pop them in mini vases to make some pretty centrepieces.
shopee 4 (Credit: yelovewhq.sg, sakulastore.sg)

Christmas and CNY decoration ideas should extend to everyday home items too, just like this red geometric cushion cover that immediately brightens the living space. And as no reunion dinner would be complete without a pair of chopsticks for everyone in the family, how about getting these exquisite chestnut wooden chopsticks – we’re sure your grandparents will approve of them too!

Quirky Christmas Fun
(Credit: tsuc.sg, oudhyed.sg)

Why not think outside the box and experiment with the quirky this Christmas? Instead of a regular Christmas tree, how about adorning this bare birch tree with wooden ornaments instead? And while wrapped presents under the Christmas tree make for picture-perfect memories, an advent calendar scavenger hunt will stay with you for a longer time. Hang these cute felt bags anywhere in the house and start scavenging! 
shopee 6 (Credit: partyforce, followsunflower.sg)

Another eclectic way to decorate for Christmas is to go crazy with garlands! They don’t have to be perfectly placed, for you can wrap them around anything – from your bedposts to even doorknobs! We love these colourful pom-pom garlands that can be re-used for any other celebratory event. And while chairs are functional pieces, these cute themed chair covers will surely get them in the Christmas spirit.

Kid-Friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas

If your kids are at that age where they’re taking on more responsibility around the house, why not switch things up this year and let them be in charge of the decor? Do it their way and watch them unleash their imagination, all while using this time for a fun family bonding session.

(Credit: crazymallueb.sg, followsunflower.sg)

A simple way to get the young ones involved is to guide them through setting up a felt Christmas tree where they’ll be able to stick on velcro ornaments. If that’s too easy for your older kids, give them the responsibility of sticking Christmas wall decals anywhere in the house — don’t worry, these are easily removable but will give them a sense of ownership over the festive period.
shopee 8 (Credit: Home Life.sg, shapewater.sg)

But if your kids are too young for the above, why not bring the festive cheer into their nurseries with this wooden rotating Christmas tree instead. You can even replace their night lights with these fun Christmas themed LED night lights, but be sure to use LED lights as they use less energy than incandescent lights, which will help you save on those electricity bills too!

We hope this post will inspire you to embrace the unconventional for your Christmas decor this year! And if you haven’t yet gotten started on your Christmas shopping, check out Shopee’s 12.12 online sales, where popular items are now available at a pretty sweet price. Happy shopping!

This article is posted in collaboration with Shopee.