5 Asian-Inspired Spaces That’ll Bring Some Zen To Your Den

Traditional design details may appear boring and outdated, but they can also be interpreted as markers of history that provide a visual link to our roots. These 5 Asian-inspired spaces will show you how it’s possible to bring a touch of Zen into a modern-day abode with the help of some age-old design elements and techniques.

Rooted in wood

Image credit: Aman

You simply cannot go wrong with pairing a soft palette of neutrals with wood. Ligneous textures exude warmth when contrasted against a layer of pristine white, making you feel like you have stepped into a Zen meditation chamber. Keep your furniture sleek for a minimalist touch and layer them with soft fabrics to create a bedroom that you’ll never want to leave.

Panel planning

Image credit: ALTS Design Office

Think of sliding doors as lightweight alternatives to their bulkier swing-open cousins – they make a space feel buoyant and light. Choose panels that match the floor for a natural metaphor that extends throughout for a harmonious look. Transparent slider windows work just as well with this look, allowing you to isolate indoor spaces without completely shutting them off from the outdoors.

Window of opportunity

Image credit: Beijing Newsdays

Think outside the box, and try incorporating circular shapes into your interior spaces. Round edges create a soft appeal that conveys peace and tranquility. Once you start, you’ll find that this motif can be easily incorporated into all the four walls and ceiling of a room – from doorways to recessed can lights.

Chinoiserie chic

Image credit: De Gournay

Injecting chinoiserie elements is the easiest way to blend regal European art with Asian opulence. This East-meets-West movement is modern at heart, while tapping on oriental motifs to create a unique tapestry of culture. With so much going on, stick to simple shapes and neutral colours for a powerful visual profile that doesn’t overwhelm.

Gaudy but good

Image credit: Jacqueline Marque for Apartment Therapy

Antiques may look dated, but their timeworn surfaces certainly inject plenty of character and texture into a space. Mix in modern finishes for an eclectic vibe, or curate your room with vintage finds from other cultures for a cosmopolitan feel.