5 Creative Ideas For A Fun-Filled Children’s Bedroom

When it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms, the possibilities are limitless. Compared to the rest of the rooms in your home, this is a space where you can throw out the rulebook and have a little fun, whether it’s in the form of eye-catching murals, painted ceilings or customised fittings. Here are five creative ways to decorate your child’s bedroom in a way that they’ll love. fdsfsdff

  1. Pick a unique dreamscape
    For your child, their bedroom is much more than a space where they simply go to sleep during the night. Instead, it is going to be their own personal wonderland, a space where their dreams cultivate and grow. As such, the decorative elements of the space should take into consideration the personality of your child. Whether they like to roam the seven seas in search of pirate treasure or a future princess-in-training, consider highlighting unique themes that they love.SquareRooms-Unique-Children-Bedroom-Dreamscape
  2. Go crazy with colour and patterns
    A child’s bedroom is a great place to try out a bolder look than you might have elsewhere in your home, so don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, prints and patterns. This will inject life and bring about an upbeat and childish glee into the space. However, bear in mind that you wouldn’t want the room to look overly hectic in the grand scheme of things, so be mindful to limit these bright and colourful details to only an accent wall, and complement it with a more soothing palette on the remaining walls.
  3. Get personal with hand-created details
    While they are a great and easy option to decorate with, give off-the-rack posters a miss this time, and instead allow your kids free creative reign and have them decorate their space with their own artwork. While it can be in the form of framed canvases, why not take it one step further by painting a whole wall with chalkboard paint. Not only is this perennial feature an eye-catching element, by adding these handmade details to your child’s room, you are really allowing them to personalise it in a truly unique way that only they can.SquareRooms-Unique-Children-Bedroom-Chalkboard-Wall
  4. Stay lit with glow-in-the-dark paint
    While they are one of the more underused arts and craft products, glow-in-the-dark paint is a unique material that can create a unique feature in your kid’s bedroom. But because they can have quite a heavy look and feel, only paint creative accents so that the space doesn’t feel overpowered overall. If you’re not a fan of using paint for fear that your child will outgrow them, don’t fret. You can achieve a similar effect by sticking on glow-in-the-dark decals, which can be easily removed from your surfaces as your child gets older.
  5. Play around with customisable light covers
    Whether as overhead, task or accent, lighting in a child’s bedroom is a very important design feature. But instead of installing those traditional and simply designed switches, why not take personalisation to the next level and dress your walls with Schneider Electric‘s new AvatarOn switches. Able to seamlessly integrate into any interior concept, the switches come with snap-on interchangeable covers that features a mirror-smooth surface that can be printed on. With the ability to have any of your child’s favourite pictures imprinted on them, the AvatarOn switches combine the best of form and function, resulting in one beautifully designed product that offers unlimited aesthetic flexibility.SquareRooms-Schneider-Children-Room-Avatar-On-SwitchThis post was brought to you by Schneider Electric