5 Space-Enlarging Tips To Create A Bigger Home

From using the right colour palette to clever ways in positioning furniture, here are some tips and tricks in decorating and furnishing a home to make the most of every centimetre.

  • Go for a light and neutral palette

Credit: 0932 Design Consultants

You’d be amazed at how this tried and tested trick can add virtual space to a home. This applies not only to walls and flooring but also to furnishings and other decorative details. Home décor experts understand that white or light-coloured neutrals can expand a space visually. This is because dark colours absorb light rather than reflect it. Also try to use similar colours throughout your space, as it will make a small room appear larger.

  • Bring in natural lighting
Natural Light (2)

Credit: 2Form Interior Design

Just like how light colours can visually expand a space, light does the same trick. Other than introducing additional lighting to your home, try to invite plenty of natural light into your space. Keep windows unobstructed by using simple fenestrations. Plain, light-coloured curtains work well. As do neutral-hued roman shades. The key thing to note is that you should allow as much light to flow into your home to create depth.

  • Consider glass walls
Credit: Distinct Identity

Credit: Distinct Identity

A space without any visual interruptions has the effect of appearing larger. If you like the idea of partitions to separate communal zones in the home, glass panels are a great choice. This not only opens up the home visually, it also allows more light to flow in. Another way to enlarge your home is to use mirrors to bounce off light, which creates an illusion of more space.

  • Make use of vertical space
Vertical Feature Wall

Credit: Fuse Concept

If you live in a small home, it only makes sense to make most of any available space. That means taking advantage of both linear and vertical space. Whether it is building top and bottom cabinets in the kitchen or installing wall-to-ceiling wardrobes in the bedroom, using wall space is not only practical, it also draws the eye up, making any room seem larger than it actually is.

  • Position furniture away from the wall
Spacious Living Room Design

Credit: Cranmore Home

While it may sound counterintuitive, placing furniture away from the wall creates the illusion of spaciousness. Pushing furniture against a wall makes a room look cramped. That’s why if you have a small space to work with, place standalone furniture a few centimetres away from the wall. Even if you use large furniture, this trick can make your space seem more open.