5 Ways To Mentally Prepare Yourself Before Renovating Your Home

We all know that a home renovation project can be an emotionally exhausting one. As such, it’s important to sit down and make a proper plan before anything starts, which will force you to think through the project in detail and consider the processes required in order to achieve your desired outcome. Here are some key things to think about when mentally preparing yourself for your next home renovation project.

  1. Begin with the end in mind
    This should be a no-brainer, but one of the best ways to mentally prepare yourself before renovating your home is to visualise the end project right at the beginning. Whether by browsing online or through interior design magazines, create your own mood board and collate all the images that inspire you. By doing this creative exercise, you’ll be able to envision what your end result could look like.
  2. Establish your priorities
    The renovation process requires constant decision-making, which can sometimes get stressful. This is especially so if you are renovating as a couple, where both parties will have their own desired renovation wish list, which may lead to a couple of animated discussions occurring. As such, to reduce the stress, prioritise your wants and needs accordingly. For example, if you cook a lot, upgrading the kitchen countertop should take precedence over getting the designer lights for the dining room. It can also help to draw up a prioritised wish list so that you’ll know there will always be room to compromise.
  3. Set milestones along the way
    Where home renovation projects are concerned, the end result is something that all parties are striving towards. But the journey to that destination matters just as much. Renovating your home can take a fairly long time, and if you’re only motivated by the result, it can be difficult to stay enthusiastic and involved along the way. So set smaller goals to track the progress you’re achieving, and celebrate milestones to stay motivated.
  4. Know your limits
    Don’t be afraid to ask for help – and this is especially applicable if you’re handling the renovation project by yourself. While trial and error will still get you to your end result, in the end, getting advice will get you there quicker and cheaper. Whether through websites and forums, or even your friends and other family members, there are plenty of people ready and willing to share their home renovation experiences. So keep an open mind and ask around, and you’ll find yourself with a better handle on your renovation project at the end of it.
  5. Be realistic
    Sure, you may have watched plenty of reality television renovation shows in preparation for your own big project, but what you see on TV is not what you should expect in everyday life. Just because the renovation took two months and $50,000 to complete, it doesn’t mean yours would too. So, always be sure to cater for any unexpected time delays and hidden costs that may pop up along the way.

Image credit: Studio FortyFour