6 Creative Ways To Freshen Up Your Home With Flowers

You don’t need a green thumb to turn your home into a floral paradise. Decorating with flowers is a simple way to inject a fresh pop of colour to your space, while giving it a lovely dose of fragrance. Here’s how you can incorporate these pretty blooms into your decor.

Candy cane centrepiece vase

Candy cane centrepiece vase by Proflowers

Image credit: Proflowers

This gorgeous bouquet of white tulips and red carnations is tucked into a vase filled with candy canes. Perfect for adding a flair of romance to your lair.

Flower cone wall display

Flower Cone Wall Display

Image credit: Oh So Very Pretty

Reminiscent of our good ol’ kachang puteh, these mini bouquets of cherry blossoms are created by simply rolling up a few sheets of cardstock into cones.

Mason jar floral wall display

Mason Jar Flowers Home Decor

Image credit: Shelterness

Spruce up a plain white wall with these elegant wall scones. Taking a half pint mason jar, wrap a piece of leather strap around the vessel and hold it in place on a slab of reclaimed wood. Stick in some fresh-cut flowers and you’ll have an eye-catching display that gives a hint of rustic charm to your space.

Hanging light bulb vase

Light Bulb Flower Vase

Image credit: Tina Reynolds

Not sure what to do with those old incandescent light bulbs? DIY them into these quirky light bulb vases to host all your favourite blossoms. String a piece of wire around the cap and hang them around the house for a strong artistic statement. You can choose to fill it with water and pop in some short blooms, or even make it into a terrarium!

Hanging floral chandelier

Hanging Rose Chandelier by Proflowers

Image credit: Proflowers

This hanging rose chandelier makes for a whimsical focal point during a lavish wedding, baby shower or birthday celebration at home. Tip: to keep your flowers fresh, make sure to trim an inch from each stem and soak them in water for an hour beforehand.

Old watering cans turned flower pots

Watering Pots Flowers

Image credit: Pixabay

Instead of letting your old watering cans or kitchenware rust away, why not give them a second life in the form of decorative vases? Give it a fresh coat of paint if needed, and plant flowers that’d match the coordinating colour.